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At the heart of Silversurfers is our community.

"Offering a safe and light-hearted place for our members to chat with like-minded friends, comment in our Forums and share their views; plus post their poems, photographs, recipes and short stories in our Showcase. Silversurfers is also a trusted site for information such as Health, Travel, Finance and Property.

Our community are like-minded, friendly and enjoy all that we share with them, confirmed by the huge engagement we get over a vast range of topics. Silversurfers has the perfect audience as our members are always online, eagerly listening to every word we say.”

Sally, website Editor
We can connect your brand with the UK's largest and wealthiest online over 50s community

Introducing Silversurfers

The over 50s are economically, socially and politically the most powerful generation ever with 47% of the UK's retail spend & 80% of its wealth.

We have grown Silversurfers as a safe, friendly and stimulating lifestyle website and social media platform for the young at heart over 50s!

Time, Wealth, Health, Energy, Control

Who are the Silversurfers?

The online over 50s-active, sporty, wealthy; growing fast and living longer - 50% of the UK adult population is now over 50!

They control 80% of the UK's wealth

  • Homeowners without mortgages
  • Children have left home
  • Most have been online for years
  • Time and money to travel frequently
  • Many still working but on their own terms

They are technology and media savvy – heavy users of smartphones and tablets.

They have huge influence and buying power – while the vast majority of over 50s now shop online.
(ONS Lifestyle Survey 2019)

About Silversurfers.com

Fuelling fun for the young at heart, Silversurfers is by far the largest lifestyle and entertainment website aimed at the over 50s, packed with interesting features, news, special offers and discounts.

Key interest areas:

  • Food & Drink
  • Travel
  • Chat
  • Shopping
  • Discounts
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Forums
  • Finance
  • Dating
Trusted, safe, community, engaged, moderated, independent

Social Engagement

Our social media activity is the envy of our competitors.
Our audience is growing fast organically and the level of engagement is off the scale! Brands that we work with socially are able to generate better levels of engagement with us than through their own pages because our content is so varied and perceived as independent. Our members feel safe commenting on our page because of the high levels of moderation

Some of the highest levels of UK engagement. 2,000 interactions per 1,000 followers monthly.
Silversurfers is ranked the 13th largest Lifestyle Facebook page in the UK
Over 1 million followers

Monthly reach: 19 million +

Monthly engagement: 6 million +

Monthly video views: 1 million +

We post up to 15 times a day to over 1 million followers on Facebook.
All responses are highly moderated, to keep our users safe.

Email Newsletter

Our highly responsive monthly email newsletters are very popular with our subscribers.

The wide mix of subjects and commercial content means that the open rate and clicks are very high with a low level of un-subscribes.

Your commercial message is weaved into a mix of interesting subjects and content for better impact and engagement.

250,000 email newsletter subscribers
35% open rate and 7% click through

Discounts+ Opportunities

Silversurfers Discounts+ provides exclusive offers and discounts from hundreds of well known brands to our closed community of members. Our members love discounts.

Promote your offers and discounts to a highly engaged community
Highly responsive monthly email newsletters Facebook and Instagram post support

Some of the brands we have worked with:

Promote your offers and discounts to a highly engaged community
Highly responsive monthly email newsletters - Facebook and Instagram post support

Our members love us!

  • "I consider it to be my online magazine, I like the friendliness of the community and the standards that people who use it adhere too."
  • "Mixes nostalgia with up to date topics and lots of humour."
  • "Great discounts!"
  • "Lots of interesting articles that are relevant to me."
  • "It's a safe online place - well regulated & friendly"
  • "Love Silversurfers it’s funny, informative, & gets people 'talking' to each other! Look forward to it every day. Keep up the good work."
  • "It is of my generation and always makes me smile"

Campaign Opportunities

We can develop bespoke promotional campaigns for our partners tailored to specific campaign requirements and objectives.

Promotional opportunities include:

  • Display advertising - Banners, MPUs and Skyscrapers
  • Homepage slider and tiles
  • Articles and features
  • Prize draws with data share
  • Product Reviews
  • Research surveys and polls
  • Sponsored Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Email Newsletter articles
  • Silversurfers Discounts+ website and comms
  • Speakers corner topic of the day
  • Sponsored content areas
Packages Starting from £400

Advertising Tenancies

Instagram Post and Story
Article of up to 20 words for Instagram, plus one image and a url to link to.
Article of up to 400 words under the relevant section on Silversurfers.com
per annum
Insertion into a newsletter to 250,000 Silversurfers members.
Prize Draw Customer Data
Supply of resulting customer data.
Product Review
Silversurfers editorial team to conduct product review and post article on silversurfers.com
Facebook Post
Facebook post to over 1 million followers
Feature & Social Media
Article of up to 400 words and a Facebook post to promote it.
Providing market research using Survey Monkey. Silversurfers team draft up the survey. Promoted on Silversurfers homepage, via our email database in newsletter and on Facebook.
Silversurfers Discounts+
Featured on Discount+ section. Promotion through social media and newsletters.
per annum
Display Advert
Banners and MPUs on run of site
per month
Prize Draws
Prize draws are widely promoted on Silversurfers and extremely popular with members. They provide significant awareness of your brand.
per month
Feature, Social Media & Email
Article of up to 400 words + Facebook post linked to article + Article placed in email newsletter.
Dedicated Solus email
Promote your brand to 250,000 Silversurfers members
per email
Tailored Tenancies
A bespoke package to suit your requirements.
Price on Application

*Please note all the above prices are net of VAT

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