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Jazz music is one of the most divisive genres of music there is – there are people who love it, and people who hate it, but for the people who love it there’s nothing else like it in the world.

Jazz first originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in African American communities around the United States. As a genre, it relies heavily on improvisation, polyrhythms, syncopation and swing notes.

As it began to grow in popularity, different regions and local musical cultures gave rise to distinctive styles – for example, New Orleans jazz or bebop. Today, jazz has evolved and spread around the world to the point where there are dozens of different distinct styles depending on where you live or what you enjoy.

If you’re a lover of all things jazz, the Internet can be a great place to pursue your passion and connect with others who share it – here are some of the best websites you should know about…

  • A Passion for Jazz – From history to education, resources and even sheet music, this website is a wealth of information about jazz and blues music. If you’re more interested in the technical aspects of jazz and the history of the genre itself, this is a good place to look – there are fewer opportunities here for listening and almost no album reviews, so here it really is all about education.
  •  All Music – All Music is a popular website for reviews and expert commentary on music of all kinds. The website has its own dedicated jazz music section, where you can find information about the greats, browse albums and check out reviews from recent jazz releases in the industry.  You can browse by subgenre and even listen to some expertly curated highlights right from the website.
  • The Guardian – The Guardian has its own dedicated tab on its music section for jazz music. Visit it and you’ll find videos, live music reviews, album reviews, and commentary from artists and other pundits who love jazz and have plenty to say about it. If you also have an interest in blues, there’s a separate section with similar articles you can enjoy too.
  • Jazz Radio – Jazz Radio is a digital radio station devoted specifically to that one genre of music. You can listen for free, or upgrade to a premium account if you want to skip the adverts. From current jazz to gypsy jazz, upbeat, mellow, swinging or vocal, you can filter your choices right down so you’re only listening to the type of jazz you really love.
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