Go green: juices and smoothies

From hiding pureed vegetables in Bolognese sauce to munching on vitamin supplements, we are always looking for inventive ways to get more fruit and veg into our diets. 

One of the easiest, and most delicious, ways to make sure we get in our daily allowance of greens is to drink them!

Juice it!

Juicing has become a popular way to make sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs.  Packed full of vitamins, enzymes and nutrients, juices can help with weight loss, your general health and can give your body a much needed boost of energy.  All you will need is a juicer and a haul of your favourite fruit and veg for a tasty way to stay in shape.

Blend it!

If you don’t want to fork out for an expensive juicer then you can easily make a smoothie with your normal hand blender. Smoothies will be bulkier than your juices but will also contain plenty more fibre that can sometimes get lost in the juicing process. Tasty smoothies can also be a great way to encourage your grandchildren to eat their fruit and veg, kids just love these bright and colourful treats.

Kick start your morning

If you are looking for a morning juice that will help kick start your day, there are several good options to choose from. Try juicing wheat grass, apples, carrots and lemon for a citrusy and vitamin packed breakfast, just make sure you leave the skin on your fruit and veg to get the maximum nutrients out of them. If you are keen to add some roughage to your diet simply add some flaxseed or nuts to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Recipe for Health

We are all aware of the multitude of ‘super foods’ on the market. If you are unsure of how to work them into your diet, turning them into a juice or smoothie can be a stress free way to make sure you are not missing out. Head to your local fruit and veg shop and get stocked up on latest superfoods to add to your juice recipes for a quick and easy health boost.

If you are worried about high blood pressure adding a few sticks of celery to your juice could help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Low on iron? Simply add some spinach or Kale to your recipes to give your body a boost.

To help shift a cold try adding a little ginger and honey to your concoction to give it a warm sweet spicy flavour or simply add a dash of lemon or orange juice for an extra boost of vitamin C .

Alternative Dessert

As smoothies can be rich and thick this could be a great option to replace your usual dessert and opt for the healthier option. Try blending a banana and strawberries with coconut milk for a tasty alternative to a fattening pudding. If your smoothies are a little too thick to drink comfortably just add a splash of water or coconut water to your concoction.

To Juice or not to Juice?

Juicing can sound like a lot of work but once you get going it can be a quick and tasty way to ensure you are looking after your health and filling your body with the right types of sugars.

Whether you like sweet citrus drinks or hard core green leafy concoctions you won’t be disappointed, there really are recipes for every taste bud and ailment.

Have you ever tried green juices or smoothies?



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