Are you tempted by the raw food diet?

We all know the benefits of eating raw fruit and vegetables, but there are some raw foodists who believe all food should be eaten in its natural state. The theory works on the belief that when you heat food, you’re destroying its nutrients and natural enzymes.

Fans of the diet claim that to get the most out of the things you eat, you should eat them raw. Find out more about the raw food diet and see whether you’re tempted to ditch your oven and switch to uncooked meals.

Raw food claims

Not only do many raw foodists think that uncooked food is more likely to be full of good nutrients, they also say that the natural enzymes could boost digestion and fight chronic disease if left uncooked. Some even suggest that cooking food makes it toxic and that by eating it raw, you might be able to clear up common issues such as allergies or recurring headaches. Find out more about the beliefs of raw food diet fans with this raw food factsheet from WebMD.

In addition to the potential health benefits of absorbing uncooked nutrients, the raw food diet also often causes people to lose weight. Because you’ll be confining your intake to food that is fresh and easily digestible without cooking, you’re likely to see your calorie count is largely reduced. You’ll also be able to avoid all of the additives and preservatives that are often found in cooked and pre-packed meals.

Although there are some things about the raw food diet that mean it could be a good choice for some people, it will not suit everyone. What’s more, if you decide to have a go at eating uncooked meals, you will need to put some time into making sure you still enjoy a balanced diet. Simply cutting foods from your menu without replacing them with alternative sources of essential proteins or fats can leave you feeling worse than you did before. Take a look at the raw food guide written by US News for another side to the story.

Experimenting with uncooked foods

If you like the sound of the raw food diet and would like to try it to see if it leaves you feeling healthier, The Best of Raw Food has a great article for anyone getting started on the diet. You’ll also find some interesting background information from The Independent, which has created a spotlight feature on the rise of the diet.

Woman and Home has also put together a handy article for anyone who’d like to experiment with the raw food diet. It suggests switching to the diet for short bursts of three, seven or 10 days, allowing your body to take advantage of a variety of new foods and healthy snacks without the strain of switching to uncooked food all of the time. Give the raw food diet a try and see if it boosts your energy levels and broadens your culinary horizons.

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