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January must be a nutritionist’s busiest time of year. After a period of hectic indulgence over the Christmas and New Year period, most people look on the first month as a time to get fit and eat healthily, and nutrition advice is in high demand.

Sadly, many of these diets fizzle out by Spring. Nevertheless, it is possible to maintain a healthy diet year-round – if you arm yourself with the right nutritional information. Here’s our guide to the top nutrition sites on the web.

A great starting point for nutrition advice is the NHS Healthy Eating portal. There’s a variety of guides to peruse here, including basic tips on planning a nutritious diet, how to get your 5-a-Day and ways to manage your digestive health. Nutrition advice is also handily broken down by age and gender – from babies and toddlers to over-60s – so you get health tips that are more relevant to you. And since the site is run by the NHS, you can trust that the information here has been checked and approved by professionals.

You’ll also find a range of excellent information from The Food Doctor. The Food Doctor Nutrition Practice was founded in 1999: it’s been so successful that today it even has its own range of health foods. Check out its Health Advice section online for nutritious recipes and expert advice. There’s even an enlightening ‘In the news…’ section, which may help you make sense of the many confusing and often contradictory nutrition stories you read in the media.

The British Nutrition Foundation is another great source of online information. There’s loads of great tips here, broken down by topic. You can find out more about the basics of nutrition, how eating can promote healthy ageing, and even how to eat more and lose weight with a diet that makes you feel fuller for longer. There are also a number of articles on the science of nutrition, which may be useful for people who want to know more about food labelling, food allergies and the risk of disease.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for detailed guides on healthy eating, the British Dietetic Association has a range of fact sheets to download on their website.

Making sure that you eat well for your age

Although there are basic nutritional rules for all age groups, your exact nutritional requirements will vary according to how old you are. Age UK has some sound healthy eating advice to help you know what to eat as you get older. If you’re over 50, these healthy eating tips from the National Institute on Age may also shed some light, but beware – it’s a US website and government nutrition guidelines in the UK may differ.

Ultimately, it pays to see a professional if you’re serious about getting to grips with nutrition. Nutritionist Resource is a website that lets you look for a professional nutritionist in your area, though there are a range of expert articles and topics to browse too.

If you’ve got a smartphone, apps like NutraCheck can be very useful as well, as they enable you to easily keep tabs on your food intake without obsessing over every calorie.

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