Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to indulge in some sweet treats, make festive handicrafts with grandchildren, and pamper friends with good food.

Take a look at these fun and festive treats you can make for your grandchildren, friends and neighbours this Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine Breakfast Pancakes

Start the day with some festive pancakes. Just whip up a batch of your favourite American style pancake or drop scone mix, put the batter into an icing bag, and pipe heart shapes into the pan instead of the usual circles. Serve with sliced, heart shape strawberries.

2. Homemade Valentine Card

If you are seeing grandchildren on Valentine’s Day then make them up some fun homemade Disney cards, like a Frozen or Toy Story card, perfect treats for Elsa or Buzz fans. The Disney site also has instructions for other homemade Valentine cards so you could spend a happy hour making cards with grandchildren for other family members.

3. Valentine Garlands

Try making mini red and pink pompoms and stringing them together on a length of yarn, or cut out red paper hearts and glue them to white thread. Hang your garlands on the ceiling, the walls, or even on the window to spread the Valentine’s cheer to your neighbours.

4. Jam Hearts

Treat your friends and neighbours to some delicious French butter cookies in the form of these jam heart shaped sables.

5. Romantic Lunch

Go all out at noon and make a lovey-dovey lunch. Try a rich red tomato soup, served with melted cheese on toast. Use a large heart-shaped cookie cutter to shape the bread into a romantic shape before you grill the cheese on it. If you don’t fancy grilled cheese, use the heart cutter to make love heart sandwiches filled with tomatoes, ham, and soft cheese.

6. Dreamy Fairy Cakes

Round off lunch with a pot of rose tea and some glamorous Fairy Cakes. These little pink, red and white iced cakes will go down a treat with children and grown-ups alike, and are easy to make. If you’re feeling short of time then you can even buy ready make fairy cakes in the supermarket, and whip up festive icing and decorations at home to top them.

7. Chocolate Truffles

Serve up these delicious chocolate truffles by Jamie Oliver to impress your family and friends. They are easy to make and taste better than a shop bought box of chocolates. You could even prepare the chocolate mix in the morning and then make the truffles with your loved ones in the afternoon.

8. Sweet Drinks

Your Valentine sweet treats don’t all have to be food. There are lots of fantastic Valentine cocktails and drink recipes online, from family friendly treats to alcoholic beverages. Try making a classic Shirley Temple on Valentine’s Day – fill a glass with ginger ale or lemonade, add a splash of grenadine, and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

9. Decadent Dinner

If you’re having family or friends over for dinner, then treat them to a rich filo topped fish pie. Make it special by twisting pastry into little roses or adding pastry heart shapes on the top for a Valentine theme.

10. Raspberry and Chocolate Pudding

Your after-dinner pudding is the time to really go all-out with the Valentine treats. Serve up these rich baked raspberry and chocolate puddings with chocolate sauce for a warm, satisfying end to the meal.

What’s your favourite Valentine’s Day treat?

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