Over 50s Health Check: Online Information

As you grow older, you may start to become more aware of your body and its various aches and pains.

There are a number of conditions and illnesses that are associated with age and are more likely to be diagnosed in people over the age of 50, so it’s little wonder that many people also start to think about having their health checked by a professional.

If you’ve got questions about the changes that might affect your body as you grow older or you’d like to find out more about the kind of health checks you may be able to access, read on for a range of informative online resources.

Keeping an eye on your health and wellbeing

Looking after your health and wellbeing can often mean no more than eating well and exercising your mind and body, but it can also be useful to keep an eye out for common problems that affect people in your age bracket. For an idea of the kind of health issues you might want to be vigilant for as you grow older, NIDirect has put together a useful guide to health issues for the over 50s. There, you’ll find information for men and women as well as some advice for dealing with potential issues as they arise.

The NHS has put together a guide to health checks for all ages from 30 to 64, which offers some interesting details about the checks you might have started having when you were younger and which you should continue while others might be replaced with an alternative. There is also an information page detailing the kind of checks you will be invited to once you have turned 65. There are many free and comprehensive checks available to you through the NHS and it is advisable to take advantage of all of the services that are offered. It’s also worth talking to your GP about any additional checks you might be eligible for.

Thinking about health checks

A very useful resource for anyone over 50 who is thinking about their health is the new Add to Your Life website, developed by the Welsh Government. This innovative website allows you to carry out a health check online by answering a series of questions. It also features help and advice from reputable health care professionals and you can use the site to search for more general health related information.

Some people feel that they would like to have an in-depth, overall health check even when they are well and private health companies like Bupa offer these services. Find out more about these health assessments, which are suitable for individuals aged between 18 and 70. Not sure whether an elective health check is the right thing for you? This article about a writer’s personal health check experience in The Telegraph might offer a new perspective. Health checks can be a good way to look out for any problems that could develop in the future, but it’s often not a good idea to rely on them too heavily.


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