Accessing help for depression online

There are few things harder than looking for help when you’re feeling truly depressed, but sometimes just a small gesture can make a big difference. Don’t sit at home suffering in silence, let the online world open you up to some interesting and effective ways to banish bad feelings. 

Clinical depression is an affliction that should be treated seriously and it’s advised that you see your doctor for an assessment if you’re feeling low a lot of the time. That said, causal depression is often a natural reaction to some of the bigger stresses and emotional knockbacks life throws at you. Online, you can find support to help you through some difficult times.

Getting to grips with negative emotions

Learning the facts about depression can be a good way of taking control of some of your negative feelings. Trustworthy organisations such as the NHS provide a comprehensive collection of information about depression and anxiety that can be very useful when you’re struggling to understand exactly what it is that you’re dealing with.

Lifeline is another fantastic resource for anyone who needs a little help in understanding and accepting the feelings they are dealing with and it also provides some great services such as a selection of self-help tools and a vital crisis support chat section. Another useful resource is Depression UK, a site that contains a variety of informative articles as well as a comprehensive list of links to other sites that specialise in particular types of depression and anxiety based issues.

Making connections and sharing experiences

For many people who are battling feelings of depression, loneliness is a huge factor. It’s easy to feel as though you are all alone in the world or that no one understands what you are going through. Often, this isn’t the case and you’ll find that there are many people willing to reach out the hand of friendship and many more who have lived through similar problems and are more than willing to share their experiences.

Groups like Depression Alliance and Time to Change work to show people that they are not alone by providing useful information and support services for sufferers. The NHS has also dedicated a page to support groups designed to help people get in touch with their peers to share stories and offer encouragement.

For urgent help, get in touch with an organisation like Mind. Providing a wealth of information and support as well as a friendly voice to talk to when times are tough, it’s a good place to go if you’re looking for help for yourself or for a friend or family member. If you’re not ready to speak to anyone about your depression but you’d like to find out more about ways to alleviate feelings of distress, sites such as Dealing with Depression may be able to help you think more positively.

Don’t feel as though you have to battle depression alone, reach out to one of the many organisations and support groups who are willing to help.


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