The benefits of herbal and green tea

The health benefits of herbal and green teas have been talked about for centuries.

From ancient Chinese herbal teas to modern blends, these wholesome beverages are often reported to have significant healing and wellness-giving properties – unlike your bog-standard black tea and coffee.

So should you start making the switch from your normal brew to more healthful hot drinks? Here’s our guide to finding out more about the properties of green tea and herbal teas, and where to buy them online.

Best sites for learning about green tea and herbal teas

For a quick introduction to the reported benefits of green tea, Medical News Today is a good place to start. This site touches on the main illnesses that green tea is reported to influence: cancer, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. You’ll also find a handy nutritional breakdown to refer to. WebMD also has a handy guide to the potential beneficial effects of green tea, with details on how it can influence your cells, metabolism and mental health.

On the other hand, Lloyds Pharmacy, whilst listing the positives of drinking green tea, balances their article with some of the potential negatives.

Looking for advice on what herbal teas to drink? Chamomile tea, for example, is known for its relaxing qualities, while dandelion tea is good for cleansing the liver. For more herbal tea inspiration, take a look at the top 10 herbal tea guides from  The Independent which recommend an excellent selection of teas with a wide range of health-giving properties.

Where to buy healthy teas online

If you’re a total newcomer to green and herbal teas, start your journey with Dr Stuart’s teas. These teas are labelled according to their health benefits: for example, you’ll find varieties like Skin Purify tea, Liver Detox tea and Throat relief tea in Dr Stuart’s range. You’ll also find a range of Ayurvedic teas, which are inspired by ancient Indian healthcare traditions.

Pukka Teas are also great at sign-posting the health properties of their herbal teas. Here, you’ll find delights that are designed to be revitalising teas, after dinner teas, morning time and night time teas, to name just a few. There’s also a special range that’s designed for women’s health issues too.

Elsewhere, Celestial Seasonings’ 100% natural teas are both delicious and innovative. You’ll find out of the ordinary flavours here, including acai mango, raspberry zinger and Bengal spice. Their Roastaroma tea is known for recreating the smells of caffeine while being completely caffeine-free, and their famous Sleepytime tea is loved across the UK for its snooze-inducing properties.

They’re a little more expensive but Teapigs are known for their excellent herbal blends too. And Clipper’s range of fairtrade herbal, white and green teas is wonderful as well.

You can buy teas from the aforementioned brands at their online shops, but you’ll also find them in supermarkets and health food stores around the country.

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