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When you’re looking to kickstart a new diet or exercise regime, one of the biggest challenges for most people is knowing where to begin. While fad diets like the Atkins or Dukan diet can be simple short-term solutions, when you’re looking for a long term lifestyle change you’ll likely find you need more information and support to help you succeed in your goals. 

If you’re serious about making some changes but aren’t quite ready to invest in a diet plan from a professional nutritionist or a training session at your local gym, why not try the Internet? There are excellent – and free – tools online you can use to do everything from find healthy recipes to track your calories and join communities who can help cheer you on every step of the way.

Establish your goals 

Many people start an ambitious diet only to feel quickly discouraged when they don’t see the dramatic results they anticipated right away. It’s important to establish realistic goals for yourself and then take small steps towards achieving them.

Websites like My Fitness Pal and Livestrong both offer great tools to help you get started. First, build a profile and input your own personal weight loss goal. Both websites will help you establish realistic daily calorie targets and also have a platform where you can input all the foods you eat, track calories and log exercise. Doing this can also be useful to help you look back and see how far you’ve come on days you are feeling low in motivation.  Both websites also have a long list of resources that cover everything from work out ideas to diet plans and other weight loss tips – the perfect one-stop resource for your weight loss efforts.

Useful resources 

Finding tools that are easy to use and a supportive community with similar experiences can make your weight loss journey easier and a lot more fun along the way.

For weight loss challenges and personalized plans, try Spark People – this online community is one of the most popular weight loss sites on the web and has a vibrant community of users from all over the world. From the website you can find articles and videos to help you along, forums, and trackers to keep you working towards your goals.

Popular television chefs The Hairy Bikers have also started an online community called the Hairy Bikers Diet Club centered around weight loss after completing their own journey to get healthy again. If you’re serious about losing weight but find some of the other calorie trackers and communities too intimidating, this website is a great solution – it’s packed full of resources like exercise videos and a weight loss journal, along with extras like recipes for some of their delicious signature dishes reimagined to be diet-friendly.

For many people, losing weight is about much more than fitting into last year’s trousers – there are many health considerations for changing your diet and developing healthier eating habits. If you’re looking for a trusted resource with useful information and guides to help you navigate what’s safe and healthy, the NHS offers a huge number of resources through its Live Well program. You can find information you can trust, sensible weight loss plans, plus lots of great ideas and methods to help you get started and help you take care of yourself. There’s also an online community you can take advantage of to ask questions, share advice and find support every step of the way.

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