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Looking for some diet and exercise inspiration? Check out our roundup of the best healthy living blogs on the web.

When it comes to eating healthy and working out, one of the biggest struggles is motivation. It’s also easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old exercise routine and the same boring meals.

Fortunately, the web is home to a plethora of healthy living blogs that serve up inspiring tips for how to live a happier, healthier life. Here are some of the best on the web.

Laura is a holistic health coach and new mom who, after losing six stone and getting too skinny for her liking, realized that balance is the name of the game. Her blog highlights a range of tasty recipes, like the vegan Ultimate Green Smoothie, easily sortable by meal type and clearly marked for different diets.

Head to Ella Woodward’s site for plant-based recipes and healthy versions of typically unhealthy foods you thought were off limits — pizza, mince pie and hot chocolate. She even has a recipe for healthy Nutella! Ella’s photos and videos are top-notch, making it nearly impossible to leave this site without a shortlist of recipes to try.

Vegetarians, look no further than Celery and Cupcakes, a blog launched in 2010 by PhD student Jemma. Jemma weaves her story and food philosophy — eat a balanced diet, don’t be afraid to treat yourself, and love your body — throughout her posts, which feature scrumptious vegetarian recipes that are certain to make your mouth water.

Another blogger whose lifestyle change inspired her to inspired others, Dannii writes health and fitness tips based on her real-life experience. She lost nearly 100 pounds by giving up alcohol for six months, switching to a nutritious diet and getting serious about exercise. In addition to healthy recipes, she shares fitness advice, such as how walking played a surprisingly big role in her weight loss.

Gem from South Wales heads-up this health and fitness blog, with lots of input from her friends and guest bloggers. In addition to healthy recipes, cool product reviews and continual updates on her fitness progress, she also encourages readers to make a pledge to meet their exercise and weight loss goals.

As the site name implies, this delightful blog is run by Eliza Flynn, a London-based former junk food junkie who is still “making up for years of a lopsided diet”. Eliza’s big into natural foods without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Her recipes, from homemade sushi to chocolate chip courgette cake, will make you never want to order take-out again.


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