Resources to help you improve your eyesight

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the older we get, the more our eyesight begins to deteriorate. The good news is that not only are there many excellent options and optical treatments to handle the issues associated with failing eyesight, there are also several things you can do to help maintain healthy eyes. 

Explore the online resources that can teach you valuable tips and tricks for helping you keep your vision in peak condition and do everything you can to enjoy better eyesight for longer.

Eyesight as you grow older

As you grow older, your eyesight begins to deteriorate and even people who’ve never had problems with vision in their past are likely to find they are starting to experience difficulty in some situations. Many people start to find it difficult to read unaided between 40 and 50 and choose to wear glasses to alleviate the issue. These problems are typically caused by a hardening of the lens and a weakening of the eye muscles. You can find out more about the way age affects your eyesight from BBC News Online.

While this deterioration of the eyesight is natural and in some ways unavoidable, there are also a number of age-related eye diseases that affect sight, including Age-related Macular Degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. Left untreated, these problems can have a severe affect on your eyesight, but you can help to prevent and alleviate symptoms by making some changes to your lifestyle. Find out more about the age related eye diseases from the National Eye Institute.

Ways to help protect your eyes

Looking after your eyes is something that everyone should learn how to do, especially in this technology-driven world. From eating a healthy diet to giving up smoking or making sure to take frequent computer breaks, incorporate a few eye-friendly habits into your routine. Get started with the top 6 tips from WebMD and find out more about looking after your eyes from the NHS’s guide to eye care.

There are a number of foods that are said to be beneficial for your eyesight, especially those rich in the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin. The Reader’s Digest has put together a handy list of good foods to add to your diet when you’re working on protecting your eyes. You’ll also find some eye-friendly foods listed by the Daily Mail in its article about preserving eye health. Vitamins can also play a vital role in protecting your eyesight and The Telegraph has published details of a study extolling the benefits of vitamin D in reducing eye issues in the elderly.

There’s also a wealth of useful information to be found from RNIB, the Royal National Institute of Blind People. It has a whole section of its site dedicated to various ways to look after your eyes, including top advice such as making sure you’re protecting them from the sun and ensuring they’re safe in potentially dangerous situations. You only get one pair of eyes, do everything you can to keep them healthy and happy.


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