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Nearly everyone snores from time to time, especially when suffering from a cold or maybe having had a little too much to drink. However, there’s a big difference between the occasional disturbance and the kind of constant, loud and disruptive snoring that can become a real drain on you and the people who are sharing your home.

You don’t snore when you’re awake because the muscles in your nose, mouth and throat keep your airways comfortably open. When you fall asleep, these muscles relax and your airways can become obstructed so that when you breathe, the soft tissue vibrates and creates that distinctive rumbling sound.

Discover some great resources for helping you minimise your chances of snoring and look forward to a better night’s sleep.

Why stop snoring?

While snoring itself is not harmful, it can cause extreme sleep disturbance for the people around you and can put pressure on your family or loved ones. Snoring can also be caused by the more troublesome condition obstructive sleep apnoea, when you stop breathing for short periods of time and wake yourself up regularly throughout the night. This can leave you excessively tired throughout the day, even if you don’t realise what is causing it. Be informed about the causes and mechanics of snoring with this useful information from the British Snoring Association.

Start thinking about ways to free your nights from snores with a little bit of advice from the NHS and its 5 ways to stop snoring. There may not be a one off miracle cure, but there are lots of little things you can do to inhibit snoring and improve your sleeping conditions. You’ll find some other handy suggestions from WebMD, which has put together a list of 7 tips for reducing your snoring problems. Try out a variety of the different potential cures and see which combination is most effective for you.

Looking forward to peaceful sleep

Snoring can affect everyone but it is most common in obese or overweight men, so losing weight and thinking about the things you eat can be a good starting point. Weight Watchers has a useful article about the links between snoring and weight as well as a few tips for getting both under control. The Huffington Post has also put together a thought-provoking snoring article that suggests certain foods that can be useful in stopping snoring, see if there are some simple things you can remove from your daily diet.

Another handy resource is available from the National Sleep Foundation (US). It explains the effect that snoring can have on sleep and gives some useful advice for monitoring and improving both. Recover the quality of your sleep and make nights more pleasant for the people you live with by taking heed of some of the excellent advice available. Snoring doesn’t have to be something you simply put up with, there are many different ways you can reduce the problem and enjoy a more relaxing sleep.

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