Making Marzipan Animals

Marzipan is one of the most versatile of modelling pastes, being soft, pliable and easy to mould.

Make each animal from 56g (2 oz) of marzipan with edible paste colours. Begin by kneading each piece until smooth. Then place the marzipan on the palm of one hand, and move the palm of the other hand in a circular motion to form a ball.

EQUIPMENT: Freezer bag, icing sugar, dark chocolate, edible food colours, paintbrush, small scissors and small knife.

FROG – Make head and body from two balls. Legs – Roll marzipan into a sausage and cut into four.  Roll each piece gently, using less pressure at one end – to make the top of the leg. Flatten the opposite end and mark the feet. Make two small balls for the bulging eyes. As each section is made stick it to the body – or for absolute security – melt some dark chocolate and with a small dab attach the pieces together. Dip the end of a clean paintbrush into chocolate and place a dot on the eyes. Leave for twenty-four hours until the surface of the marzipan has dried, then paint on the dark spots.

DUCK – Make a small ball for the head. Make a larger ball for the body, and model the upturned tail by placing the ball of marzipan between the palms of your hands, and gently roll (keeping the pressure towards the far side of the ball) until a tail is formed. Use two flaked almonds, set at an angle, to form the beak, and dots of chocolate for the eyes.

HEDGEHOG – Make a ball and using the same technique as the tail of the Duck, form the head. Beginning at the back of the body, make snips with small scissors. Keep the ’spines’ small and close together, otherwise your cute hedgehog becomes a prickly porcupine! Make the ears from tiny balls of marzipan. Stick in place, then support the back of the ear with a finger, use the end of a paintbrush to make the opening. Colour the tips of the spines with brown colouring (or strong coffee) by flicking the paintbrush over them. NOTE: If the scissors become sticky, wipe with a damp cloth – or dip in icing sugar.

PENGUIN – Roll marzipan into a fat sausage. Form the neck by rolling the paste backwards and forwards between the forefingers, until a slight indentation appears. To make the flippers use the back of a knife and gently ease the paste away from the main body. The beak is a piece of marzipan modelled into a point. The eyes are tiny rounds of marzipan with a dot of chocolate in the center, and feet slivers of almonds painted with black (or colour of your choice) food colouring. Paint body black, leaving front area white.

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