New Year, New Hobbies

Starting a new hobby is a great way to learn, expand your skills and do something you enjoy. Whether social or solo, active or calming, hobbies have the power to enhance our lives and improve our sense of self.

Ready to try something new in 2019? Here’s our pick of some interesting and fun hobbies to try this year.


You don’t need years of training and a fancy camera to take great shots, all you need is a little smart thinking. Brush up on your photography skills and try out a few of our top tips to start taking better pictures right away – even with just a smartphone!


Adult antistress colouring book with pencils

Adult colouring books have exploded into the mainstream; books shops and art stores all over the world now stock hundreds of colouring books to help adults relax, unwind and enjoy a few quiet moments enjoying the simple act of being creative. If you live a stressful lifestyle, colouring is an excellent and inexpensive hobby to help you be mindful through focused activity. You can learn more about colouring in our Best of the Web guide.


Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve personal memories and get creative at the same time. You don’t need any formal skills to get started – it’s as easy as getting creative and learning as you go, so it’s perfect for people who want an occasional hobby they can pick up from time to time. You could even make this a social endeavour – try getting together with friends once a month and sharing this hobby together. Find further ideas on our Best of the Web guide to scrapbooking.



Social by nature, bridge is a fun and challenging card game that’s a great alternative to poker. Played in two teams of two, four players come together for a game that lasts about three hours. The internet is also a great way to get involved – you can learn the ropes and enter tournaments online. Learn hour in our Best of the Web guide to bridge.

Allotment Gardening   

Renting a garden allotment in your community is an inexpensive way to get involved in gardening and meet other people who share your passion. You can grow vegetables, experiment with wildflowers or indulge your passion for landscaping. Find tips to get started in our Best of the Web guide to allotment gardening.


If you love knitting, try crochet this year; it’s a fast and simple alternative that’s quick to take up and can become more intricate as your skills improve. There are dozens of resources online to help get you started – you can find tutorials and patterns all over the web for free. Learn more in our Best of the Web guide to crochet.

Mountain Biking


If you love to explore and are looking for a new way to stay active this year, mountain biking could be just the ticket – it’s fast-paced, challenging and rewarding and a chance to get off the beaten trail. Find out about how to get started and where to find great cycling spots in our Best of the Web guide to mountain biking.

Are you keen to try any new hobbies in 2019?  


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