On trend: adult colouring books

Take a look on just about any bestseller list and you’re likely to find something curious dominating the charts – colouring books for adults.

A healthy dose of nostalgia and the purported anti-stress benefits of colouring have prompted a boom in sales for the relatively niche genre; adults everywhere are picking up their watercolours and coloured pencils and enjoying a meditative moment in front of a blank page.

With plenty of modern stresses and little opportunity to unplug from the demands of work and home life, it’s no surprise people are seeking out new ways to ease the tension. Colouring is a great solution; it takes little preparation or formal skill and offers the chance to be creative and focused without expending too much energy – great at the end of a busy day when you’re already feeling tired.

Try it yourself

If you want to give colouring a go, you’re not alone – the book credited with starting the trend, Secret Garden, has already sold more than six million copies worldwide. Adults revel in the opportunity to relive an aspect of their youth and enjoy how the intricate designs have made a pastime typically reserved for children accessible for adults as well.

It doesn’t need to be a lonesome activity, either; colouring clubs, meet-ups and pub gatherings have all sprung up around the country. You could even give it a go yourself – instead of heading to a restaurant or bar, invite one or two friends round for colouring and a catch up. It’s inexpensive, fun and an easy activity for anyone to join in on.

Thanks to the surge in popularity, colouring books are now readily available at bookshops around the country and easy to buy online – below are a few available from Waterstones.

We’ve also put together a gallery of a few of our favourite free colouring pages to be found online, for you to download and print for yourself – click here


What do you think of this trend? Are you tempted to give colouring a try? 


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