How to enjoy watching videos online

Watching quality videos is no longer something that can only be enjoyed through your TV and you don’t need to head to the cinema when you want to catch up with your favourite Hollywood stars.

Advances in technology and the introduction of lots of new online TV services makes it perfectly possible for you to watch videos through your computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or phone.

By knowing where to look and by signing up with some excellent video streaming services, you can ensure you always have a great program or video to watch. Don’t limit your viewing to what happens to be on terrestrial TV, spend your precious time on the shows you really want to see.

The world of online viewing

Video sharing sites such as YouTube have been around for several years and offer a simple and easy way for people to get their videos on line. However, the site is geared towards content created by its users, advertisements and music videos. This means that while you can watch any number of funny videos on YouTube and you’ll be able to watch trailers for plenty of upcoming films, it’s not the right place to try watching the film itself.

Happily, there are many other new sites and services that can help you do just that, although it’s still worth finding out how you can watch and enjoy other types of video on YouTube.

To be able to watch full TV shows and films, a pay per view service such as BlinkBox is ideal. It works like an online video shop, displaying all of the different options available and allowing you to choose and pay for one episode or film at a time.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can watch your show on any of your devices – whether you want to watch the video on your computer or your iPad. You also have the choice to either rent or buy your show and if you buy it, you can watch it as many times as you want. Have a look at Best’s beginners guide to BlinkBox to get started.

TV subscription services

If you’re hoping to be able to watch films or your favourite TV shows whenever and wherever you are, services such as Netflix or Love Film are perfect. These subscription services simply ask you to pay a certain amount of money per month and for that fee, you are able to access and watch as many films, videos and TV shows as you want. Both services have big back catalogues and make efforts to stay abreast of big releases.

The Huffington Post has a nice guide to getting the most out of Netflix and you’ll find that both services are very easy to set up and use. What’s more, like BlinkBox and YouTube, they can also both be enjoyed on all of your different devices and can also be used through digital-ready TVs and synced to all of your other technology. So, you could be watching a TV show at home in our living room then continue to watch the next episode on your iPad while out and about.

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