How to pack perfectly for your holiday

Packing can be an exciting prelude to your holiday, giving you plenty of opportunity to look forward to all the fun you’re planning to have on your trip. That said, packing your suitcases can sometimes turn into just another chore – especially if you’re worried about leaving important items behind.

Cut the time it takes you to pack and be confident you’ll always have the things you need most on your trip with some top packing tips.

Perfect packing preparation

The real secret to prefect packing is preparation. It’s true that you can easily fill a bag with bits and pieces the night before your flight, but you’re sure to find there’s something essential missing when you open it at the other end. Instead, start thinking about your holiday baggage about a week before you go. Start with your suitcases and bags – decide which you’ll be taking and whether you’ll be choosing hand luggage, large suitcases or both. There are practical travel considerations that can make all the difference when it comes to packing. For example, don’t pack a suitcase that’s so heavy you can’t carry it unless you’re guaranteed door to door transport.

You should also spend a little time researching the kind of weather you can expect and the amenities you can expect to find at your holiday spot. Then, write yourself a packing list with all of your favourite items of clothes and entertainment essentials. If you’re stuck for inspiration, Holiday Let has a great online checklist to help you get started. Another common packing problem is a tendency to take too much, let Skyscanner give you a few hints on what not to pack.

Apps to help you get packing

If you’re finding it difficult to get motivated, turn to technology. For a little help in remembering to pack the essentials, download the Travel List app for your phone or tablet. This useful app makes it easy to put together a list of all of the things you want for your holiday and then prompts you to pack them. As you fill your case, you tick an item off your list. If you attempt to finish with an item left un-ticked, the app will sound an alarm. It also comes pre-populated with common holiday musts but you can add your own items easily, ensuring you’ll find it impossible to forget to pack your favourites.

Pack the Bag is another useful packing app and it contains a range of different categories to help you organise a specific suitcase for bag. It is also compatible with Dropbox, allowing you to upload lists from your computer, and allows you to set a reminder for the day you need to start your packing. If you’re not a fan of packing at all, then Packing Pro could be the app you need. It has an expert list assistant feature which will generate a list of the kind of things you should pack based on your destination, the number of days you’re spending there and who you’re travelling with. It’s highly customisable too.

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