Adopting a dog

Finding you have too much free time and no one to enjoy it with? Why not consider the many benefit of adopting a dog? A canine companion can offer you love, devotion and excellent company – and adopting a rescue dog is also a wonderful thing to do for an animal that may have been abandoned or badly treated.

Give a dog a second chance at happiness and you’re likely to find you’re enjoying a new lease of life too.

Why adopt a dog?

A dog is much more than simply a friend to play with; adopting a pet can have a very positive affect on your health and wellbeing. WebMD explains that living with a pet can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and boost your immune system. On DogVacay, you’ll also find a list of 10 unexpected benefits of owning a dog, including things you might not have thought of, such as boosting your fitness levels or enjoying a lift in your social interactions. Banish feelings of loneliness and enjoy the company of a loyal and firm friend and do it in a social responsible and caring way by contacting your local animal shelter.

Adopting a dog is a big choice but by picking a dog from a shelter rather than a pet shop, you’ll know that you’re probably saving a life. There are also some big benefits to adopting. For example, you can choose an older animal, meaning you don’t have to go though stressful puppy training sessions with them. You’ll also be guaranteed a healthy dog, as shelters always give new dogs a complete once over. Pet Rescue has a good list of adoption benefits, which could help you decide whether it’s the right course for you.

What to consider when adopting a dog

There are some important lifestyle factors to take into consideration when you’re adopting a dog, including how often you’ll be able to walk your pet, how big your home is and how physically active you are. Animal Planet has a great dog breed selector tool that asks you a few questions about your preferences and can then suggest which type of dog might suit you best. Pedigree also has a Select a Dog tool designed to help you find the right breed to match your lifestyle.

When you’re adopting a dog, you may have some concerns about the owners they had before. Dogs who’ve had bad experiences in the past may need some extra help, so you’ll want to ask the animal shelter or pound to tell you as much as they can about your chosen dog. That way, you’ll know how best to help them settle in. For some good advice about helping a rescued dog settle in to a new home, have a look at this guide from the Animal Match Rescue Team. With some extra love and attention, your adopted dog can quickly become a much loved member of the family.


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