The Best Astrology & New Age Websites Online

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Zodiac, getting in touch with your inner self, or trying your hand at meditation, we have the links to help you take your interest further.

We round up the best websites to follow astrology, new age and all things mystic.

Café Astrology

If you would like to find out more about astrology, then Café Astrology is a great place to start.

The team behind it write articles on the signs of the Zodiac, getting professional charts made, birthstones, numerology, palm reading and much more. They also have tools and tables you can use if you want to take your interest in astrology further, as well as predictions for the year ahead.

Jonathan Cainer

One of the most popular astrologers online is British Jonathan Cainer.

Millions of people read his predictions in the Daily Mail and several Australian newspapers, but you don’t need to buy a newspaper to see his horoscopes. Cainer updates his website with new daily predictions, outlooks for the week, month and year ahead, and offers tailored services so that visitors can have their own personalised birth chart readings done.

Heal Your Life

For a positive and encouraging website filled with new age tips, try Heal Your Life.

The site boasts daily meditation and daily affirmations for visitors. The aim of the daily meditations is to help you feel calm and at peace, while the affirmation is meant to help you get rid of negative thinking and feel better about yourself.

There are also articles on health, intuition, meditation and spirituality, as well as interesting videos on a range of topics.

Mystic Banana

If you’d like to find out more about new age spirituality, then give the Mystic Banana website a try.

It brings together articles on meditation, mediumship, hypnosis, energy, karma and other elements of new age spiritualism.

Spirituality and Practice

For a range of resources on making spiritual journeys, visit the Spirituality and Practice website.

You’ll find details of practices to help you get in touch with your spiritual side, with recommendations for films and books to check out, exercises to perform, and artistic activities to try.

Elephant Journal

A great site for articles on wellbeing, spirituality, eco living and relationships is Elephant Journal.

The site is dedicated to helping people live a mindful and good life, supporting them with information on enlightenment, yoga, sustainability and more. It’s less mystical and more down to earth than some of the spirituality websites out there, so might appeal to people who want to dip their toes in the waters of mindfulness.


If you would like to take a few minutes of peace and quiet in your day, try Calm.

The simple website allows you to immerse yourself in nothing but a period of meditation, with the relaxing sounds of nature. You choose how long you want to meditate for, and when you’re starting out you can opt to be guided through the process to see how it works. There’s also an app available for smart phones if you wish to try meditating away from your computer.

Are you interested in astrology and new age spirituality? 

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