The best websites for pet lovers

Whether you have a furry friend at home already or are looking to adopt, the web is a great place to look for advice and information.

There are hundreds of websites dedicated to all things pets – from behavioural tips to charming anecdotes and cute videos, here are some of the best websites out there for pet lovers to enjoy.   

Cesar’s Way 

Cesar Milan is arguably the best-known dog specialist in the world and his website is a wellspring for pet owners and pet lovers. Whether you’re adopting a new dog, in the midst of training or looking for helpful advice to correct common behavioural concerns, the website is a one-stop shop for all you need to raise a healthy, happy dog.   

Pets at Home

Pets at Home is one of the largest pet stores in the country, offering everything from specialist food to grooming and veterinary services. The website is just as useful; you can purchase pet essentials such as toys, food and other accessories and get it delivered free to your home – a great feature if you need food that’s hard to find or don’t live near a store. The website also has an entire section dedicated to advice for owners. There are areas for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, chickens, reptiles and horses, each offering useful maintenance tips, nutrition advice and behavioural hints to help you along the way.


Dog lovers will love Dogster – this website is a vibrant community of dog owners and dog lovers who come together to share information and advice. From the website you can read informative articles about all things dog, find useful information about everything from grooming to puppy care, watch cute dog videos or browse the photo galleries.


Catster is the sister website of Dogster and offers a similar experience for cat lovers; there are resources for owners, photo and video galleries, and plenty of thought-provoking articles dedicated to all things cats.

Dogs Trust

The Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK and a great resource for dog owners and dog lovers. From the site you can find information about how to get involved with this excellent charity, how to adopt a rescue, and plenty of resources for owners looking to answer common questions about behaviour and care. If you love dogs but don’t have room in your home for one right now, the website also offers the chance to sponsor a dog and see how your contribution is making a difference in its life.


The RSPCA website not only shares information about its efforts to protect animals all over the country, but is also an excellent resource for pet owners and prospective owners of all kinds. From the homepage you can ask a question if you have a particular query, or if you have a concern about the welfare of an animal in your neighbourhood, you can report cruelty or distress from the website. The advice and welfare section on the website offers excellent information for dozens of different animals and can provide detailed resources and advice for each.

What are your favourite pet websites?

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