Easter activities for grandchildren

The Easter holidays are an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with family and have fun with your grandchildren.

Whether you’re welcoming family from out of town or minding your grandchildren while they’re off from school, here are some fun and festive Easter activities to try together.

Painted eggs

Painting eggs is an inexpensive craft you can do with children of all ages. With little more than a few bowls, a carton of eggs, some beeswax and some food colouring you can create beautiful, colourful designs together. This Martha Stewart tutorial is a great place to start.

You could also make an Easter tree and hang some hand-painted eggs; to do this you’ll need to first empty the eggs – the classic blow technique is still simplest and best – then rinse and allow to dry. You can decorate with nearly anything; poster paint and felt pens both work well. Find more ideas in this article on creating your own Easter tree.

Egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt is fun for both young children and their older siblings. Keep things fair by assigning each child their own ‘colour’ to search for or telling children to each search in a different room. For older children and teenagers you can make things more interesting by hiding eggs thoroughly in hard-to-find places or by creating a scavenger hunt where they search for clues rather than eggs to find one large chocolatey prize at the end.

Decorate a basket

Decorating baskets is another fun and simple activity you can try with grandchildren in the run up to Easter if the family is already planning an Easter egg hunt. This online tutorial will show you how to make a basket out of craft paper – or, you could repurpose an existing basket or bucket by decorating them with fabric, ribbon and hot glue.

Try baking

Baking together is another fun activity that yields a sweet treat at the end; we have a range of excellent recipes to choose from, including chocolate dipped strawberries, Easter chocolate cupcakes and this round up of delicious Easter treats.

Make paper daffodils

Daffodils are one of the earliest signs of spring and a bright, sunny centrepiece for your dinning table. You can make your own paper daffodils easily, too; this tutorial shows you how to make them using craft paper, fairy cake casings and lolly sticks. You could even use these as cards, writing messages to friends and family members on the back. 

Do you have any favourite Easter activities you can do with grandchildren?

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