Haberdashery projects to try

If you’ve always wanted to make soft toys, quilts or pretty gifts for your loved ones, then take the leap and try a haberdashery project.

From intricate quilts to handmade stuffed toys for the grandchildren, we share some ideas for haberdashery projects you can try and links to help get you started. What’s more, you can often use bits and pieces you already have in the house, from old bedsheets and socks to odds and ends of fabric.

Design a Patchwork Quilt

Making a patchwork quilt is not only an easy haberdashery project, it can also result in a treasured gift. Quilts can make a great present for new-born babies, for weddings, for anniversaries, or even birthdays. Use scraps of fabric, interesting patterns, contrasting colours and pieces with meaning to them to make your quilt. Some people find it a particularly soothing thing to make quilts by hand – you could even do it with friends – but machine sewn quilts look just as good.

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 Sew A Sock Monkey

Sock toys are always fun handicraft projects to try, and normally don’t need much in the way of supplies. This sock toy pattern has step by step instructions and makes a very cute and cheerful monkey.

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Make Lavender Sachets

Treat yourself and friends to beautifully scented drawers with this lavender sachet project, which uses pretty scraps of material and dried lavender to make tiny fragrant pillows.

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Sew A Baby Rattle

If you’re about to gain a new grandchild or friends are expecting, treat them with this beautiful, simple baby rattle shaped like a giraffe. The pattern is easy to follow and it would even make a great stuffed toy if you can’t find the jingle bells needed to make it a rattle.

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Make A Minecraft Plush Toy

Minecraft is one of the most popular computer games, loved by children and adults around the world, and this Minecraft Stuffed Creeper Doll is a perfect gift for fans. It’s an easy project to undertake as it’s mostly made of square shapes and doesn’t require many supplies to make.

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Stitch A Follow The Lines Quilt

If you’re feeling more adventurous about your project then try this Follow the Lines quilt pattern. You don’t even need to buy much in the way of new fabric, either, as it’s a great way to spruce up old bedsheets. It makes a beautiful gift for babies in particular, but it’s a lovely present for anyone who likes pretty, feminine decorations.

Find project inspiration here

Get Inspired Online

If you get the handicraft bug after trying these patterns, then there are lots of places online that you can look to find inspiration for your next haberdashery project.

Have you ever tried to make a soft toy?

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