Looking good when you’re over 50

If you’re over 50, following women’s fashion can be frustrating. From shop window dummies to magazines and billboards, trends overwhelmingly favour younger women everywhere you look.

In recent years, however, that has been a renewed focus on over-50s women’s fashion, thanks to the enduring sophistication of screen icons like Helen Mirren.

These photos of the best dressed over-50s, for instance, prove that looking good isn’t solely the domain of the young. So if you’re hoping to revamp your wardrobe and inject some glamour into everyday outfits, you can be sure that you’ve got plenty of options.

Tips for overhauling your wardrobe

The most important thing to remember when looking for new clothes as a woman over 50 is to stay away from baggy and over-size pieces. Fitted clothes and tailored lines help to accentuate your figure and always look effortlessly smart. Remember, “fitted” doesn’t necessarily mean “tight” – think elegant pencil trousers rather than leggings, and a button-down collarless blouse rather than a figure-hugging t-shirt. Well-established high street stores like Next and Marks and Spencer, for instance, have a great range of fitted trousers that are versatile enough to wear to the office and on a night out.

Next, think about injecting a shot of colour into your wardrobe. It’s far too easy to stick to blacks and greys when putting together an outfit but, while black may be slimming, colour is much more fun and invigorating. Start by pairing block colours together: say, a green blouse tucked into a purple pencil skirt, or a tailored white shirt tucked into high-waisted blue trousers. Clothing company Uniqlo does colour very well.

You should also bear in mind that, in general, longer lengths are more flattering on women aged over 50. The rise of the maxi dress and maxi skirt in recent years has been particularly favoured by older fashion fans. And since its basic pattern suits a wide variety of prints and fabrics, the maxi dress is versatile enough to wear all year-round. You’ll find a fabulous range of maxi dresses and maxi skirts at Monsoon.

Of course, wearing longer lengths doesn’t mean you have to stay covered up – instead, experiment with different combinations until you find a balance that suits you. For instance, try pairing a mini skirt with a long-sleeved top on an evening out with friends, or a knee-length shorts with a scoop-neck vest on a sunny day at the park or the beach.

Embrace online clothes shopping

If you’re tired of spending uninspiring days looking for clothes on the high street, it might be time to start shopping online. Despite the rapid growth in online retail in the 21st century, many people remain reluctant to buy clothes on the internet for fear that they might not fit properly. However, most retailers offer free returns today – so, as long as you can find the time to go to the post office, returning unwanted goods should be both easy and free.

Online retailer isme has a great range of women’s clothing, as does fair trade fashion leader People Tree. And although ASOS is a favourite brand with young-trendsetters, the sheer breadth of clothing for sale on its website means that there’s something for every age.

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