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Keeping a car on the road can be an expensive business and that doesn’t even include the cost of buying one in the first place. Get off to a good start by hunting down great deals on your next car and you’ll be in a good position to keep your costs low and your driving experience enjoyable. 

Put the web to good use with the help of plenty of sites dedicated to helping you save money on your next car and a few hours of research could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Finding cheap cars online

The web is a wonderful place to research major purchases such as cars, thanks to the huge variety of useful information available free of charge. Which? has a particularly handy guide to buying cheap cars online and is a good place to get your search started. There are also plenty of tips to be found from the team at MoneySuperMarket. Have a read of their guide to choosing new cars and you’ll soon have some top tips for picking up an economy car.

Sites such as Auto Express have some very interesting information perfect for helping you find a god deal, like this list of the UK’s cheapest cars. Once you have a good idea of the kind of car you’re looking for, it will be much easier to check local dealers and websites to find who can offer you the best price. Be prepared to haggle and always know how much you’re willing to pay before you start negotiating.

Consider fuel economy and long-term savings

Of course, buying a cheap car will save you some money in the first instance but if you want a vehicle that can help you continue saving as you drive, you should also look into fuel economy. The latest generation of greener cars not only offer benefits to the environment, but they can also cut your monthly costs considerably. Have a look at the top 10 most economical cars as chosen by MSN or find out which cars AutoTrader has dubbed the most fuel efficient. Next Green Car also has a handy comparison table that lets you stack cars side to see how economical they are.

It’s also wise to pay attention to reviews when you’re buying a new car. Whether you’re visiting a showroom or choosing to buy from an individual, it’s always worth having a look at what other people have to say about the hardiness of the car’s design. This is especially useful if you’re buying an older car, as there will be a clearer picture of how well the car performs over time.

Make use of resources such as Motor Trend’s long-term car reviews to see which cheap cars perform well and which may be offering you a false economy. A peek at MSN’s list of Britain’s top 20 cars least likely to depreciate can be another good way to make sure you put your money in something worthwhile.

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