Buying and selling cars: Choosing trustworthy traders

Choosing a new car and selling on your old one can be an exciting but time consuming process.

To get a price and avoid being saddled with a costly mistake, it’s best to carry out a bit of research.

Be prepared for getting the best deal you can without having to invest too much time by reading up on a few top tips beforehand. There are plenty of excellent online resources that can put you in touch with all of the information you need – whether it’s the current selling prices for your model or advice on common sales tricks to watch out for.

How to sell your car

Selling your car privately is the best way to take control of how much you get for it, but it can be a time consuming business. Not only will you need to find the appropriate place to advertise your car – sites like Auto Trader are a great place to start – but you’ll also need to ensure that your car is fit and ready for sale. Investing a little time in finding all of your car’s relevant paperwork, cleaning it inside and out and considering fixing cosmetic problems such as scratches and dents can really pay off.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has put together a list of top things to top things to think about when you’re selling your car privately an you’ll find some other useful and impartial tips on offer from The Telegraph.

If selling your own car sounds like too much hassle, you can always find out if your local dealer will offer you a trade in deal if you buy your next car through them. While this can save you a lot of time and energy, you normally won’t make as much money as you would by selling your car independently.

Buying a new car

The thrill of buying a new car can often lead to rash decisions but you’re more likely to get a good deal when you’re able to tae your time. Start by reading up on some essential information through publications like Motor Trader, they’ll up your levels of expertise in no time. Do prepare yourself before heading along to a dealership as you’re likely to be confronted with a variety of powerful sales techniques the moment you arrive. Business Insider has some great advice for avoiding sales tricks.

When buying a brand new car, it helps to shop around and pay attention to customer reviews and news reports. The same can be said for buying a new used car, but there will also be a few other considerations to keep in mind. Get up to speed on the kind of things you need to watch out for when buying a new car with a little help from the AA and have a look at the government’s essential advice for checking whether a used car is legitimate or not. By being savvy about these important checks, you can make sure you find a good ride.


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