How to choose age appropriate cars

As long as you’re still safe and capable on the road, there’s no legal age for stopping driving. You may find, however, that as you grow older, your criteria for choosing a car become very different to the ones you had when you were younger. 

To carry on enjoying all of the joys and benefits of driving, it’s well worth your while to check that your current car still suits your skills and offers you a comfortable ride.

Choosing comfortable cars 

Where once you may have been looking for engine size and speed, it’s very possible that you’re now more likely to be concerned by how comfy the seats are. Finding the perfect car to suit your retirement lifestyle means taking into account a lot of factors you may have never thought about before, but there are plenty of online resources to help.

Get started with this useful article from Forbes Magazine, where you’ll find a nice run down of the kind of things you should be considering when shopping for a new vehicle. Today’s newer generation of vehicles have lots of smart features and electronic functions that can take the stress out of driving and make it even more fun. These smart safety features should be high on your agenda when you’re picking your new car. The Independent has written a very interesting article about the way smart cars could keep people on the road for longer.

Size is also likely to be a major factor, as many big cars are high off the ground and can be tricky for older drivers or passengers. By the same token, cars that are too small tend to not have as much room as is ideal for the average pensioner. Mid-sized cars are typically the most suitable ones for drivers who are a little older, and MSN Auto has put together a list of its favourite mid-range vehicles. You may not be able to afford a new car when it comes to updating your wheels, so AOL’s guide to used cars for retirees may also come in handy.

Enjoying the road

Making sure you have the best possible car is only part of the problem, many people decide to either give up driving too early or try to stay behind the wheel too long. Age UK created a great list for older drivers full of advice designed to help them make the most of their driving years. From declaring your health conditions to adapting your car, there are many ways to improve your driving experience.

Finding the best car insurance option is another key factor in enjoying driving during your retirement. Shopping around could help you find a policy that helps you save on your insurance and MoneySuperMarket have written a handy article explaining how older drivers can cut costs. Once you’ve found your perfect car and the right insurance policy to cover it, you’re all set to continue making the most of the comfort and convenience of driving.

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