Up and coming social platforms

As soon as you feel like you have a handle of one set of social sites, you can guarantee that new ones are cropping up round the corner. Online technology is increasing so quickly and companies are innovating so often that it can be hard to keep up with the new trends. That said, you never know when your new favourite online treat is going to appear.

Get up to date with the newest social platforms hoping to tempt users away from Facebook and Twitter and you could find a great new place to make friends.

Social sites on the up

New social sites are being introduced all of the time, but only some of them will capture public interest and go on to become a success. One such site is Pinterest, a photo-sharing platform that focuses finding and collecting pictures you love rather than showing pictures you’ve taken yourself. It’s basically a digital pin board, allowing you to collect lots of things you’re interested in in one place – and making it easy for your to browse other people’s boards. Find out more about Pinterest and how to start using it today with Real Simple’s easy Pinterest guide.

If you’re a fan of the video camera function on your phone or you like watching very short videos, then Vine is the new social platform for you. Owned by Twitter, Vine allows you to see and share mirco-videos that are only six seconds long. If you prefer the idea of swapping still pictures, Snapchat is the app for you. This network encourages you to have conversations with your friends entirely in images and is a lot of fun to play with. For images that are particularly inspirational, log into We Heart It – a platform for sharing the pictures that strike a chord.

Google+ is another social platform that has been around for a while but which is only just starting to become a major player in the field. This social network lets you create circles for all of your friends, colleagues and contacts, helping you make sure you share the right things with the right people. Interested in finding out more? Have a look at our article demystifying Google+.

Good social platforms for community spirit 

You may have noticed that people often use their social media platforms as a way of sourcing ideas or products – such as asking if anyone knows a good plumber or the best place to buy a birthday cake – and there’s now a new platform that aims to help answer those questions. Nextdoor is backed by both Google and Amazon and it is very firmly focused on local communities and neighbourhoods. Mashable has written an interesting guide on how Nextdoor works. Another app determined to help you find answers to tricky questions is Jelly, which lets you pose queries alongside related images in the hope of sourcing an answer by asking your social contacts.

Model Lily Cole has also set up a very unusual social platform that could be set to take the world by storm very soon. Impossible is a networking site that’s all about helping people find things or services they need – for free. In the hope of encouraging a gift economy, the model set up the site in September 2013 and hopes its will capture the imagination of users. You can read more about the interesting new platform in The Telegraph’s interview with Lily Cole.

Of course, if you want to connect with new people in your area – especially if you’re hoping for romance – Silverfriends is an online dating site perfect for helping you find your match.

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