The best tech to help you stay connected with family and friends

Even while social distancing measures are in place, it’s still possible to stay connected to family and friends remotely.

Having a weekly catchup call, meeting friends online for a glass of wine or even watching a film together are all things you can do easily online.

Here are the best tech platforms to help you do it…

WhatsApp Group Video Calls

Many of use WhatsApp on a daily basis but did you know that you can also use it for group calls and for group video chat? Learn how to make a group call on WhatsApp (subtitles available.) Group calling allows up to four participants to call or video chat.


For group video calling, Zoom is one of the most popular business tools in the world, and many people are turning to the tool to meet with family and friends online. The free version allows you to host 40 minute video calls with up to three other participants – perfect for catching up with family. It’s easy to use, too – when you set up a call, you’ll get a link you can share via email or messenger, and they can click to join.

Netflix Party

You can liven up your next movie night with the brilliant platform Netflix Party. To use it, you’ll need Google Chrome as your web browser – once you install the widget, you simply login to your Nextflix account and select something to watch, then create your own ‘party’. You will get a URL to share with anyone who you want to join you – then, through Netflix, you can all stream a film at the same time and use the chat box while it plays! If no one in your household enjoys the same films as you, there’s also the opportunity to join publicly available groups and enjoy a flick with fellow film buffs!


Houseparty is a brilliant app where you can host group video calls from your computer, mobile or tablet. It’s known as the ‘face-to-face’ social network. Once you create an account, you can add friends to the network and set up group calls with the friends and family you want to chat to.

What tools do you use to stay in touch with friends and family? Share your ideas in the comments below! 

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