Cruises from the UK 2014 Guide & Tips

Are you a big fan of cruises looking to add another destination to your collection? Or are you simply ready to experience all the fun of a cruise in 2014?

Whether you’re hoping for a short, refreshing break or you’d prefer a cruise that encompasses as much of the world as possible, there are plenty of fabulous packages to choose from. Start hunting and see what kind of cruise will brighten your year.

Choosing cruises from the UK

There’s a huge range of excellent adventures to be enjoyed on cruise ships and while some can be caught directly from the UK, others will need to you take a adjoining flight to reach the appropriate harbour. The flight is nearly always part of the cost of your deal and is treated as part of the connection. Some cruises may leave from the UK but finish elsewhere, so you hop on a flight home once the holiday is over. Others take you out and back again, for example, a short Gallic Discovery cruise begins and ends in Southampton.

Whether you need to get a flight or not really depends on your destination and the length of your cruise. If you’re not a fan of flying and you’d prefer to set out from the UK this year, sites like Choosing Cruises have put together a list of no fly cruises to help you find one that leaves from the UK or Ireland. Iglu Cruise has also dedicated a page to detailing cruises that leave from UK ports and it’s easy to see which cruises leave from which area.

For most people, it’s not the spot you eave from but the places you’ll be visiting that’s most important. If you’d like to see some examples of the excellent places you could visit on a cruise this year, have a look at our cruise destinations page and see if there are any that tickle your fancy. We also have a selection of upcoming deals that can help you make sure you get the most for your money in 2014.

Planning fun trips for 2014

When you’re picking your cruise for 2014, there are few other things you’ll want to bear in mind. The type of ship you’ll be on is almost as important as the destinations you’ll be visiting. For a truly relaxing and edifying cruise experience, you need to choose a line that offers comfortable, well equipped and lovely ships. Learn more about some of our top picks when it comes to cruise ships and always take the time to make sure you’ll have all of the amenities you need for a fantastic holiday.

The type of cabin you’ll be in is another important consideration, as some people prefer interior cabins and others love to be outside. You can also expect to pay more for a cabin with a sea view or one with added, luxurious faculties. For some help making sure you pick the right cabin space for you, have a look at USA Today’s Cruise 101 article.

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