In memory of Cecil the lion

The tragic loss of the Zimbabwean lion known as Cecil has attracted public outcry from around the world. It was a devastating and meaningless loss of a magnificent and much loved animal.

The positive from this story is that so many people have been moved to action. Let’s see that public opinion now turn into something tangible for endangered wildlife everywhere.

So many African animals face a dire future. Around 30,000 elephants a year are being kill ed for their ivory; that’s more being killed than are being born. In the last 7 years there has been a 9000% increase in the killing of rhino for their horn. Growing affluent society in the East believe rhino horn cures all manner of ailments, and it is the status product of choice to show off wealth. But horn is made of keratin, the same as human fingernails, and it cures absolutely nothing at all.

Lions are no exception either with only around 20,000 – 30,000 left in the wild, a decline of 50% in the last 20 years. Their habitat is shrinking fast; they too are sought after for traditional medicine, and they are illegally hunted.

The loss of any animal is sad, and the loss an animal facing extinction is a tragedy.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation funds vital conservation projects across Africa and Asia. We raise funds for innovative and real initiatives to save endangered animals and their habitats, including key lion population areas in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda. Our grants pay for simple and effective park protection programmes, literally putting boots on the feet of rangers who patrol these dangerous areas to keep wildlife safe. We fund undercover investigations into the kingpin criminals that are trafficking vast quantities of animal parts illegally around the world; and we work with local communities to ensure a sustainable future for those that live in these very special wild places.

These special prints are from our most favourite of David Shepherd, and his granddaughter Emily Lamb’s, collection of lion paintings.

In memory of Cecil, and all wildlife fighting for their survival, please consider buying one today .

All of our profits go to fund vital work on the ground to save these magnificent animals. Please support conservation and make sure these animals exist for future generations to enjoy.

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