What Did Walking With The Wounded achieve in 2015?

In the last 12 months, Silversurfers’ Charity Partner, the military charity Walking With The Wounded has supported 623 vulnerable veterans.

Founded five years ago, WWTW’s inspired way of supporting these vulnerable individuals through developing specific programmes aimed at training and professional support into regaining independence through employment, has grown very quickly.

The charity is only able to support these vulnerable veterans through the generous support and donations of members of the public.   Please join your fellow Silversurfers and support WWTW as the charity works to help these individuals.

It is not just those with physical and mental injuries, but those who find themselves without a home or within the Criminal Justice System who need our support. These veterans are often difficult to locate, difficult to provide for, and too often ignored. But we believe they are nonetheless deserving of the gratitude and thanks of our country. We believe they deserve their independence, for them and their families to be secure. At the core of that is having a career, a job in which they are able to thrive, using the skills they developed in the Armed Forces.

First Steps

Provides enhanced training and vocational skills to support veterans into employment after leaving the Armed Forces.

  • In 2015 WWTW received 94 applications to First Steps
  • 39% of those have completed their training and are available for work and 72% are in sustainable employment. WWTW continues to support the other 28%.
  • The remaining 61% of approved applications are either in training or awaiting their course start date.

Home Straight

Provides veterans who are homeless and in temporary accommodation the support and training in order to move back into sustainable employment and regain their independence

  • In 2015 WWTW supported 300 homeless veterans on their career pathway to sustainable employment.

Head Start

Addresses the increasing needs of ex-service personnel suffering with mental injuries

  • In 2015, 115 veterans seeking support were referred to WWTW from the NHS, other WWTW programmes and other charitable organisations.
  • Of those 115, Head Start supported 97 veterans with private therapy sessions.

Project Nova

Identifying and supporting those veterans caught up in a cycle of low level anti-social and criminal activity, to prevent further downward spiral and continued offending by supporting them back into mainstream society and long term employment.

  • In 2015 we have supported 114 veterans across 3 delivery areas in Norfolk & Suffolk, Greater Manchester and Northumbria.

If you have been inspired to help us on our journey to support Britain’s most vulnerable veterans, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.  Please email [email protected]



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