5 Hobbies to Start before 2022

Did you know that having a hobby can lead to a happier life?

Here are 5 hobbies that can boost your happiness by 2022. Plus, the magazines to help you get started, provided by our friends from Readly.

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1. Craft your way into 2022

With the weather getting colder and the Christmas season getting closer, it is the best time to start a DIY or crafting project. From knitting, sewing, or even creating Christmas decorations you can find some inspiration with Mollie Makes, Simply Knitting, and even The Christmas Magazine. Who said it was too early to prepare for Christmas?

2. Take Your Cooking to the Next Level

Elevate your cooking skills with recipes, nutrition tips, and more with BBC Good Food or Healthy Heart Diet Plan. Get expert advice on how to create the most delicious meals for your family and friends… if you feel like sharing that is!

3. Give your Garden a Makeover

There’s still time to prepare your garden for the Autumn season! Read the best tips and tricks from gardening enthusiasts in BBC Gardeners’ World and let your garden be the star of this season.

4. Start a Travel Bucket List

Travelling is one of the most enjoyable hobbies for many. Discover hundreds of new places with Readly, whether you wish to create the perfect ‘staycation’ or are ready to go abroad; Readly has top travel magazines, such as Coast Magazine or National Geographic Traveler, for you to plan your next holiday getaway.

5. Discover New Walking Trails

Doctors recommend 10,000 steps a day for adults to have a healthier life. Whilst 10,000 may not be achievable for everyone, it is important to keep active. Walking in nature is a perfect way to boost your immunity, mental health and overall leading to a more mindful life. Start walking in nature as a new hobby and see the long-term benefits by 2022. Don’t know where to start? You’re sure to find a walk that takes your fancy in Country Walking magazine.

Need some inspiration for your next 2022 hobby? Discover thousands of magazines and newspapers that can help you learn new skills, find new hobbies and develop a new passion.

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