Must-read annuals guaranteed to entertain

A much-loved tradition, one of the great delights of the festive season is the arrival of annual books from some of our favourite magazines and comics.

Ranging from The People’s Friend to Beano, browse a selection of gift ideas to consider ordering ahead of the fast approaching festive season.

1. This England Annual 2022

The latest annual from This England magazine is packed with poems, articles and stunning photographs.

Highlights include an exploration of England’s most distinctive bridges, a 2022 events guide and features on heritage railways, the Red Arrows and so much more.

2. This England Annual, Calendar & Diary Pack 2022

Great-value, our next entry is the perfect gift for the year ahead. This pack includes This England Country Calendar, This England Annual and This England Desk Diary 2022.

A useful companion, particularly with today’s modern working from home trend, the This England Desk Diary brings you a different view to enjoy every week of the year.

3. The People’s Friend Annual 2022

Delighting readers for over 150 years now, The People’s Friend is the world’s longest running women’s magazine.

One you will reap the benefits of throughout the year, their latest annual features hours of feel-good fiction you will return to and enjoy over and over again.

4. My Weekly Annual 2022

Facts, puzzles, stories and fabulous recipes all somehow fit inside the latest and popular My Weekly Annual.

Enjoy heart-warming stories, tackle tricky puzzles or try making a new and exciting dish yourself or with loved ones – this is the ultimate feel-good read!

5. Friendship Pack

Next up, an excellent gift idea for anyone who loves illustrations, poems and stories.

Our Friendship Pack includes two releases from The People’s Friend – The Friendship Book 2022 and The Fireside Book 2022.

Offering a little comfort, wisdom and humour, The Friendship Book is great anthology accompanied by lovely photographs.

Collecting works from a selection of talented artists and poets, The Fireside Book 2022 features over 60 poems and paintings celebrating the four seasons.

6. Fiction Pack

Serving up a generous helping of fiction, our essential pack includes My Weekly Annual 2022 and The People’s Friend Annual 2022.

Delighting readers for over a century, the latest annual from the “Friend” contains 25 brand-new stories, nostalgia and beautiful watercolour paintings.

Inside the My Weekly Annual, tuck into a feast of reading for women everywhere featuring puzzles, stories, recipes and fascinating facts.

Combined, these two annuals offer hours of content and a little something for everyone.

7. Beano Annual 2022

The year of the superhero, Beano Annual 2022 sees Minnie the Minx dons her cape once more as Batmin, to dispense her own brand of hilarious justice to bullies and grown-ups alike.

Elsewhere, Dennis and Gnasher must stop Walter’s diabolical plot to create the “Ultimate Menace” as he tries to take over the town!

In “Spy Hunter”, Beanotown’s top spy (Dangerous Dan) seeks to uncover an enemy agent.

8. Double Trouble Pack

Enjoy double the trouble with our great-value pack including Beano Annual 2022 and the latest adventures of Desperate Dan.

9. Beano Christmas Special 2021

Packed with festive comics, jokes, pranks, puzzles and more, the Beano Christmas Special is a great seasonal gift for fans.

Settling down during the dark winter evenings, they are guaranteed to love every bit of this 68 page special!

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