Why I had to write my memoir

Debut author and medium Denise E. Jacobs has just published her spectacular new memoir Red Amaryllis. Here, she explains why she had to tell her remarkable life story—not for profit or fame, but to prove there is life after death, and to save the world from impending nuclear destruction. 

By Denise E. Jacobs

I discovered in my twenties an ‘otherworldly’ gift whereby I was able to communicate with people who had passed away. Ironically, I had never believed in psychic powers beforehand. I also started experiencing premonitions that have unfailingly proven accurate.

Among the many extraordinary life events covered in my new memoir is about how my gifts helped me achieve a substantial settlement, on the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice and without lawyers, after an almost decade-long David vs Goliath historic legal battle against one of the world’s largest financial institutions, Legal & General Assurance Society Limited.

I could never have achieved this without help from the other side. To me, this demonstrates two things: there is a higher power than we understand, and our departed loved ones live on to assist in our time of need.

This story comes with a twist: a vital warning from this other plane of existence about our future, which I have been given and which we must take seriously if we are to avoid an inexorable drive to nuclear war.

Since receiving a premonition of atomic war 36 years ago I have been a woman on a mission. Not to make money, not to court fame, but simply to share this message with the world. I have kept my life strictly private until now, because now I can come armed with proof that even the greatest cynics require. It needs to be understood that not all mediums are unscrupulous fraudsters, peddling a sham psychic ability and giving those who are genuine a bad name.

Author and medium Denise E. Jacobs has written her memoir, Red Amaryllis, to share a vital warning to the world about impending nuclear war

Those whom I have helped with my gifts, and never for any form of payment, will confirm that I am the ‘real deal’.  There’s something in my brain that enables me to tune into a certain vibration, allowing me to receive and pass on messages.

The Doomsday Clock is ticking, and if relations in the Middle East do not improve quickly then 2025 will be the point of no return. If those in power refuse to listen to this warning then we could see the beginning of a new and terrible world war. It is this premonition that is driving my compulsion to get my story heard.

When I first started talking openly to agencies about my story, a few years ago, they came back with the same response: “Get it down on paper”. It seemed a daunting task but I enrolled on a screenwriting course at the MetFilm School and learned how to tell my extraordinary story.

Within six days of release, Red Amaryllis sold out its first print run. I have now secured US distribution and my next task is to crack on with the screenplay.

But this isn’t about my life or shooting up the charts. Red Amaryllis is a compelling story, packed with many witness statements, that’s relevant for all our futures: yours, mine, our children, grandchildren and so on.

Make up your own minds but please don’t just ignore what I’m saying. I know it sounds incredible but we do survive death. Whether we survive the coming years on Earth, however, hangs in the balance.

Red Amaryllis by Denise E. Jacobs is available now from Amazon and all good book retailers, priced £14.99 in paperback.




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