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It’s never too late to start learning a new language. Whether you’re planning a holiday or simply interested in the learning process, taking up a new language has never been easier – and there are proven mental-health benefits to language learning too.

At Teach Yourself Languages Online, we have built on the outstanding tradition started by the Teach Yourself Languages coursebooks published in 1938. We are the world’s largest language publishers with more than 60 million satisfied learners around the world. And you can now access our courses online – and Silversurfers members can get a 35% discount on an annual subscription!

Using all the skills you need to master a language – reading, writing, speaking and comprehension – accessed via the Internet, the courses are based around practical everyday situations, such as getting around town, ordering food and drink and talking about yourself. But what sets these courses apart are special features that really bring your chosen language to life:

  • Let’s Talk: videos with teachers answering questions about tricky points of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Animations: these bring conversations to life giving you additional context to help understanding.
  • Record and compare: listen to your own accent so you can correct yourself, developing both your listening and speaking skills.
  • Peer review: see how others have answered the same questions as you and get a better understanding of the vocabulary and grammar you have learned.
  • Self check: assess your progress at the end of each unit so you can see where your strengths are and what still needs work.
  • Study Groups: allow you to personalise your learning and to give and receive feedback on your language skills.

We’re kicking off online with French, Italian, German and Spanish, but more languages will be available soon. Registration is simple and commitment-free. And we are so confident that you will enjoy it that we will give you FREE access to the first unit of EVERY language for ever, whether you choose to subscribe or not. So register now and discover a new language today. Silversurfers members can then enjoy a 35% discount on your first year’s subscription – which means a saving of £42. Simply enter discount code TYO5VR when prompted.

Teach Yourself Languages Online is your passport to a community of learners just like you.

Try it out today!


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