What’s your next language?

Learning a new language can be a daunting prospect. Searching for the right course, dedicating your time, even finding the money to do it can put you off.

Yet, learning another language is one of the most rewarding endeavours you can undertake. A new language makes the world more accessible whether you’re moving abroad, looking to develop yourself or seeking to experience new cultures, another language is your gateway to discovering a new world.

We at Teach Yourself are passionate about language and dedicated to helping make the experience of learning a new language convenient, affordable, enjoyable and most importantly, successful. We have a simple mission statement:

To encourage and advance learning of the world’s languages – popular and rare, modern and ancient – by providing innovative and effective content for all levels, learning styles and lifestyles.

For more than 75 years in over 65 languages we have been refining our courses to deliver the best solutions for you. These decades of tireless effort have culminated in our new language learning solution – Teach Yourself Languages Online.

An online subscription service providing high-quality language courses, Teach Yourself Languages Online is your passport to a new world. Currently offering French, Italian, German and Spanish, we provide a range of courses to suit your level of learning. We combine the same classroom-tested principles and native-speaker expertise that you see in our books with the best of online technology so that you can:

  • Study when and where you choose
  • Set your own pace, so you can get fast results or proceed ‘more slowly, at your leisure
  • Progress confidently through the most common scenarios and language with engaging practice activities
  • Practise your speaking and pronunciation in a safe environment by recording yourself and comparing your answers to native speakers
  • Personalize the language and interact with learners in a study group

We give you all the tools and support you need to understand, communicate, keep track of your learning, evaluate your progress and become a confident language user. We believe that language learning is a skill, so we give you the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Whether your aim is to simply get by on holiday or hold in-depth discussions about cultural happenings, our courses are designed to get you on your way.

Subscribe now or TRY US FOR FREE and access the first three learning units for each language.


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