Have a giggle at the winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021

From monkey fails to an elephant in a mud bath, these photos are truly delightful.

There’s a reason Instagram accounts like Animals Doing Things rack up millions of followers – animals can be unintentionally hilarious, and we can’t get enough of it.

Enter the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 – the perfect balm to what can sometimes feel like a depressing news cycle. This year’s winners have been announced, and the overall victor shows a golden silk monkey in a somewhat compromising position…

Ouch! by Ken Jensen


Aptly named ‘Ouch!’ the image was taken on a bridge over the Xun River in Longsheng Gorge, China.

TV presenter Kate Humble said: “I have been a judge on The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards since it started and I love it! It never fails to cheer me up. But the photographs can’t just be funny, they have got to be of really excellent quality and this year the competition entrants have really surpassed themselves. And as for the winner, you will see that it is a photograph that speaks a thousand words. Well, one word actually – Ouch!”

These are some of the other top photos from the prize…

People’s choice winner

I Guess Summer's Over by John Spiers

I Guess Summer’s Over

Creatures of land winner

Ninja Prairie Dog by Arthur Trevino

Ninja Prairie Dog

Creatures of water winner

Time For School by Chee Kee Teo

Time For School

Portfolio category winner

Joy Of A Mud Bath by Vicki Jauron

Joy Of A Mud Bath

Highly commended entries

I Got You! by Roland Kranitz

I Got You!

Let's Dance by Andy Parkinson

Let’s Dance

See Who Jumps High by Chu Han Lin

See Who Jumps High

Majestic And Graceful Bald Eagle by David Eppley

Majestic And Graceful Bald Eagle

The Green Stylist by Gurumoorthy K

The Green Stylist

Treehugger by Jakub Hodan


Chinese Whispers by Jan Piecha

Chinese Whispers

Peek-a-boo by Pal Marchhart


How Do You Get That Damn Window Open? by Nicolas de Vaulx

How Do You Get That Damn Window Open?

Missed by Lea Scaddan


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