Silversurfers Autumn Survey…the results are in! 

Thank you so much to all of our members who completed our Autumn survey – we had an amazing response with nearly 4,000 people taking the time to tell us about their experiences of lockdown and the pandemic so far.

It was fascinating to hear how people have coped, what you have missed most plus the positive things that you have been doing to get through these difficult times.

Here’s a snapshot of the main findings from the survey – please feel free to comment further in the comments section underneath the article,

How have you been coping so far? 

Our members seem to have taken a positive attitude to the pandemic and overall, you are coping pretty well with 37% saying that they have coped very well, 56% quite well and 7% having a tougher time.

However, while our members say they have coped well so far, a worrying 39% say that the pandemic has had a negative effect on their mental health.

Here’s a few representative comments:

“I’ve been shielding but have a garden to walk around and wonderful friends and family have done my shopping, so far so good. Not looking forward to doing it all again in the winter too.”

“It’s just a case of going with the flow. I know I have to adhere to the rules, so there’s no point moaning about it! “

“Had monthly shop delivered, shopped locally once per week. Kept up to date with friends via social media. Thoroughly enjoyed last 6 months”

How are the government doing?

People are fairly evenly split positive and negative on the government’s response so far with 8% saying the government have responded very well, 43% quite well, 34% not very well and 15% saying that the government have responded very badly.

Here’s a few representative comments:

“Obviously, mistakes are made but are dealing with an unknown. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and regardless whichever government in power can only do what advised by those most experienced.”

“Too late with lockdown and testing system a farce. Also the initial treatment of care homes was disgraceful.”

“We have never had to deal with anything on this scale since WW11 so I think that any decisions made by the government and the medical profession have been prompt and fair, it’s the people not adhering to the restrictions that causes issues.”

Are we following the rules?

Clearly, our members see the sense in following government advice and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response to following the rules and guidelines with a very creditable 78% saying that they have stuck to the rules, only 22% have broken a few.

It would seem that with age comes wisdom and obedience as a less than 1% have not followed the rules at all!

Here’s a few representative comments:

“Rules were put in place to save lives, anyone however bored they might be should have stuck to them to avoid what is now happening”

“Having a husband who is at very high risk has meant we both shielded completely. Even now I am very very cautious and only go out when absolutely necessary, and observe masking and distancing rules to protect us both, and others.”

“The hardest was not being able to see and cuddle family. felt very lonely at times “

How have we passed the time and what are we missing most?

We are missing our family, friends and getting out and about and especially hugs with grandchildren the most. But the gardening, reading, walking and exercising have helped to pass the time with cooking, decorating and crafting hot favourite time burners.

Video calls and especially learning how to use Zoom and Facetime has been a great way of staying in touch and TV has been important for many and streaming services growing in popularity.

Here’s a few representative comments:

“My family, normal family gatherings, family fun, my grandchildren”

“Going shopping.. Holidays that were cancelled & seeing family/ friends in person”

“Visiting family and having cuddles with grandchildren. Missing friends. Missing travelling. So much booked. All cancelled”

“Freedom of movement throughout lockdown. Inability to obtain supermarket delivery slots. Unable to keep hospital appointments.”

How are our Finances?

While the majority report little impact on their finances, many have reported a positive impact with less cash being spent on fuel, traveling, holidays and generally going out. Overall 17% report a positive impact on finances with 71% saying there has been no impact, 12% have reported a negative impact with those that are able to work less and many who have seen a reduction in the value of pensions and investments.

“Not going out or having a holiday has raised our bank balance”

“I am better off as I have not lingered in shops and impulsively bought things we don’t really need.”

“I haven’t spent as much, but investments have performed poorly.”

“We are fortunate as hubby and I are retired and both have secure pensions”

How have our shopping habits changed?

The pandemic has driven a huge increase in online shopping amongst our members with 11% trying online shopping for the first time and 57% shopping online more than usual. And we expect that this will continue post-pandemic with 47% saying that they are expecting to shop online more frequently after things get back to normal.  Over 80% expect to be shopping online for Christmas presents this year.

Here’s a few representative comments:

I already shop online but not for groceries, but my visits for actually food shopping have and will continue to massively reduce

I will shop more online but also use more local shops too

If I feel safe I will shop in-store for groceries if not I’ll do it online

Will we take a vaccine?

Almost 70% of our members say they would take a vaccine once approved for use with 6% definitely not willing to take a vaccine and 25% undecided.

Here’s a few representative comments:

I was brought up in the generation of you had your vaccines. There are too many illnesses that had been wiped out but vaccines don’t seem important to parents now

I always have the flu’ jab so I would be happy to receive a vaccine, if it is proven.

Bit apprehensive that it’s being rushed through and won’t have undergone the usual safety trials.

Overall us Silversurfers are getting on with life as best we can and are accepting of the rules and guidelines. We miss our families and friends dreadfully but we have learned new skills to stay in touch and do our shopping plus we have found solace in gardening, reading, walking, cooking and crafting at home. 

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3 days ago
Thanks for voting!
just a quick extra thought only relevant to us "seniors" A lot of us remember a time, when in the local area, there was always someone with Polio, TB, Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps, Scarlet Fever and even Smallpox. There were even specialist "Fever Hospitals". Vaccinations have played a massive part in controlling these killer diseases. We grow complacent at our peril, note the recent reappearance of some of these dread illnesses where regular vaccinations have lapsed. I am not ashamed of accepting the yearly Flu jab or the shingles one either. We will be among the first to accept one for Covid. In my humble opinion, it is the only way to reduce this disease to acceptable levels.
Without false bravado, I do not let risks of infection to dominate my thoughts. Our generation, though the most at risk, will not bear the economic burden that will fall on the next two. We should take the lead and act with common sense and think about the consequences of our actions. We should not condemn the actions of youth while claiming that we are too old to be bothered with sensible precautions. We should not be cavalier with the feelings of our friends and family if we caught a fatal infection, nor should we be unmindful of those we may pass on the disease to.
I apologise if this sounds "preachy", but what is SilverSurfers about if not to voice deeply held opinions and feelings. Stay safe but don't let it take over your mind.
19th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
The story line above makes for very depressing reading . Wish I could go to the theatre and see a real British farce to cheer me up !!
16th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
The pandemic has not made a huge difference to my life as I am practically housebound with a disability. I have discovered that I do not want to join associations. I prefer to see someone on a one to one basis but I get on with my own company. My son comes to see me once a week which is a big plus.
The big problem is how selfish people are. A lot do not keep to the 2 metre distance and it is what they want not giving a monkeys what is good for the country. It does not suprise me that we are having such a rise when people demanding what they want. Sorry this gets me down. Peoples attitude.
16th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
I found the answers to the survey very interesting. I love the Silversurfer community, being in my late 70s there’s always something to enjoy and read about. Also I love the competitions.
16th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
Found the results of the Survey as expected and interesting. May i say how much i enjoy Silversurfers and so glad i am a very happy Member. The humour is amazing not to mention bringing back lovely memories for me. Thank you to everyone. ❤
14th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
Very interesting and a trustworthy group us Silversurfers
9th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
Not really surprised at the results shown. I wonder what the responses and outcome of this type of survey would throw up if it were put to those aged under 50.
9th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
Probably the under 25's would not even reply to such a survey and would condem on the basis it would infringe on their personal liberty/information !!
9th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
Yes, you are most probably right there.
11th Oct 2020
Thanks for voting!
I have a daughter who is under 25 and she would have responded. I too am cautious about sharing personal information because I am aware of the risks so I did check the survey parameters. Please don’t judge all young people!

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