Easy ways to make money – without a new job

When you’re in need of some extra cash it seems inevitable that you’ll have to take on a new job or increase your hours at your current one, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

There are lots of other opportunities to boost your income, if you know where to look…

Selling your unwanted items on eBay

How many unwanted gifts or unnecessary purchases do you have squirrelled away in your drawers and cupboards? Put them to good use by listing them on auction sites such as eBay and you could drum up some extra money in no time.

Auction sites, and eBay in particular, are very easy to use and allow you to set a minimum price for your goods – so you know you won’t have to sell them for less than you want to. Check out eBay’s selling guide for beginners and stop your unwanted items from gathering dust.

Offer up your available storage space

Whether it’s an empty attic or a couple of cupboards, you could make any extra space in your home work hard for you by offering it up as storage space. For people who move around a lot or stay in student accommodation, space is often at a premium. You could help them solve their problems and earn some money too by offering a safe and dry place for them to store their belongings. Start sharing your space on Storemates or ShareMyStorage.

Renting out your home or spare room on Airbnb

Airbnb is a trusted community market space that has put a modern twist on the concept of a B ‘n’ B. The website allows anyone to list their home or spare room and invite people to come and stay. It’s an excellent low-cost way for people to travel and see the world and also a great opportunity to make money from your home. If you have a spare room, you can choose to have guests stay with you, but there’s also the option of staying elsewhere and turning your whole home into a holiday let.

Leasing your driveway, garage or parking spot

If you live in a central area, there’s a chance that your parking space, driveway or garage could be worth a premium. Consider letting your space out during the week, when people are in need of a reliable parking space during working hours, to boost your income simply and easily. Advertise locally or through websites like Gumtree and you could come to the perfect arrangement.

Ready to increase your income? Try one of these top tips and let us know how you get on. 

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