Solar panels: tax free income and reduced energy bills with Everest Windows

As you approach retirement, and for the many years you look to enjoy life after you retire, it is very important to get the most out of wise investments.

Banks offer a safe way of accumulating interest on your savings, but because it’s so safe, interest rates stay pretty low. With the benefit of recent history, though, we can see the vast benefits of investing in solar roofs.

Commercial solar panels were initially installed in the UK during the early 80’s, but it is only really since the turn of the century, when people seemed to adopt a more environmentally conscious attitude, that installations began to rise. Grouped together with a government incentive, it has now become a hugely popular option among homeowners for many reasons.

Solar is a great investment because:

  •  It is environmentally friendly
  •  It offers tax free savings
  •  It provides a greater return on investment than any bank
  •  Its earnings are on-going

In a way, solar initially suffered from its own success as it seemed like such a beneficial purchase that it led many to believe it was too good to be true. Thankfully though, now that homeowners have had the product for 10-years or more, they are starting to see the benefits come to fruition, proving that solar isn’t just a lot of hot air but it is instead a genuine investment opportunity.

Just recently Everest have joined forced with Zanussi to offer an extraordinary product that is definitely worth consideration.


Once you have installed your Everest Solar PV Zanussi System, you will benefit financially in three ways:

1. You are paid for the electricity your system generates

Your system will generate electricity any time there is sunlight. Each unit generated is known as a kilowatt-hour (kWh) and your chosen supplier will pay you for every kilowatt that your system produces, regardless of whether you use the energy or not. This is what’s known as the “feed-in tariff” and is guaranteed by law to pay you for at least the next 20-years.Currently, you will receive on average 13.8p for every unit (kWh) that your system generates.

2. You are paid for the electricity that you don’t use

It is unlikely that you will use all of the energy you generate. Any energy that is left over is therefore exported back to the national grid. This is known as the “export tariff,” and you will be paid an extra 4.8p for every unit that you do not use. It is estimated that you will use half of the energy your system produces and your energy supplier will pay you for the remainder that you don’t use.

3. Your energy bills are reduced

If you are using electricity at the same time as it is being generated, you will not be paying your electricity provider for this power. Instead, the electricity you have generated is used by you for free, and you will still receive the feed-in tariff for the energy you have generated. This helps safeguard you from rises in energy bills over time, as the more energy you create, the less you will have to pay for. With *energy bills expected to double by 2020 (source: The Telegraph and The Times), this is great news for modern homeowners.

Visit Everest windows to find out how you can benefit from solar panels today – and you can also find out if your home is suitable with their handy map.


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