Look out for the Fundraising Badge before you give to charity

Coronavirus pandemic restrictions are changing or ending across the UK, which means some charity fundraising activities like sponsored events, community bake sales, fundraising in shopping centres and on the street may be re-starting in your local area.

Whether you are out and about or surfing the internet, you should look out for the Fundraising Badge before donating to a charity, so that you can give with confidence.

What is the Fundraising Badge?

The Fundraising Badge is the logo that organisations use to show they are registered with the Fundraising Regulator – the independent regulator of charitable fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

When a charity displays the badge, it is showing you that it has agreed to fundraise in a way that is legal, open, honest and respectful. The badge is the charity’s public commitment to good fundraising, in line with the standards in the Code of Fundraising Practice, which applies to all charitable fundraising across the UK.

Where can you find the Fundraising Badge?

You can find the Fundraising Badge on charity fundraising materials. This might be things like charity adverts in magazines, on the internet, on billboards and even on the bus or train. You can also see the logo on charity collection buckets, or on leaflets you receive through the post. If you are browsing online, you might see the badge on the donation pages of a charity’s website or in their social media posts. You can see more examples in this video.

You might not see the badge on charity communications that aren’t about fundraising. These are things like brochures, information packs or webpages that do not include a request to donate.

Looking out for the badge can help you stay safe

If you want to give to charity, there are some simple things you can do to feel reassured an organisation is genuine. Looking out for the Fundraising Badge should always form a key part of your checking process when giving to charity.

If you can’t see the badge, you can also look for the registered charity number on the charity’s website, check the Fundraising Regulator’s directory of registered organisations or ask to see a fundraiser’s ID badge if you see them on the street or at your door.

Remember, if you are thinking of supporting a charity, make sure you look out for the Fundraising Badge. The badge gives you confidence that charity has committed to good fundraising, so that you can continue to support causes that are close to your heart.


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