Top 5 tips to boost your self-confidence when looking for a job

Don’t be daunted by job adverts, get confident and find a new role!

If you’re feeling under-confident it can be a real challenge to apply for a job, particularly if you don’t fulfil stated requirements 100%. But, remember, you have years of experience to offer and the UK is currently in the midst of the worst skills crisis in history. Employers are crying out for experienced staff. For the next 10 years there will not be enough young people leaving school to fill the number of vacancies UK employers have.

People over 50 can feel particularly vulnerable because you may anticipate ageism and prejudice towards older people. (not sure if we should mention prejudice here?)

If you’re over 50 don’t be daunted the hiring process, and don’t be put off applying for a new role as top UK employers are increasingly keen to complement their existing workforce with experience mature staff.

Here is’s handy guide to getting more confident when presenting yourself to future employers:

1. Give your CV facelift

There are many things you can do to give your CV a quick makeover. Firstly, it is important to make your CV as ‘ageless’ as possible by limiting your work experience section to employment undertaken within the past two decades. Remove any details which reveal clues to your age, such as the year you left school. After doing this, brush up on the content of your CV, and make sure that it looks good aesthetically. For more tips on re-vamping your CV go to (please add FULL Link to advice)

 2. Make a list of all your greatest achievements in life

Your greatest achievements will illustrate your work ethic and will showcase the reasons why you feel you would be a great candidate for the jobs you are applying for. Refer to the list whenever you feel down for an instant confidence boost. Additionally, memorising your greatest life achievements will serve you well in interviews where you must be able to quickly summarise why you would be a good fit for the role.

3. Put together an outfit that makes you feel good

One of the most stressful aspects of going for an interview is deciding what to wear! Make this process simpler by choosing a high-quality interview outfit that makes you feel fantastic. Ensure that your interview outfit is smart enough for a business situation but inject a little personality to stand out from the crowd. Staying in touch with latest trends can make you appear more youthful, but looking like a fashion victim could put employers off!

4. Take care of your health

The healthier you are, the younger you will appear to potential employers. You can boost your wellbeing by doing regular exercise, socialising with friends and members of your community, eating well and taking steps to keep your mind active. Taking care of your general wellbeing will make you feel more confident and happy in your own skin, and this will translate into success at interviews.

5. Get a new hobby

Essential to keeping your mind active, getting a new hobby will this will take you out of your comfort zone and make you feel more confident. Volunteering is a great way to keep your skills fresh while learning new ones to make your CV shine while making new friends and contacts that could help you into a new role.

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