Choosing Health Insurance with Silversurfers

Good health is something we tend to take for granted until we don’t have it anymore.

And while no one plans to get sick or hurt, preparing ahead can help give you peace of mind when you need it most.

What to expect from health insurance

In the United Kingdom we’re lucky to have free access to universal health care with the NHS.

Whether or not to get health insurance is a personal choice. The advantage of having health insurance in place is that for a relatively modest fee, you can supplement what’s available on the NHS.

This additional coverage that can help with everything from physiotherapy appointments to private MRI scans. Many people purchase health insurance so they can be covered for treatment not available on the NHS or to circumvent long waiting times for certain treatments.

While there’s different types of cover available, in general health insurance tends to cover in-patient treatments and day-care surgery costs. Some will also include out-patient treatments, cancer costs and other additional extras.

Choosing over 50s health insurance with Silversurfers

At Silversurfers we’ve partnered with A-Plan insurance to help bring you a great range of health insurance cover options at the right price.

As a broker, A-Plan works with more than 30 insurance companies. You get an impartial selection of policies to choose from and can find something that exactly suits your needs. And when you shop with Silversurfers, you get a 10% discount, too.