Delicious Easter treats

Serve up something sweet for your family and friends this Easter and wow them with these delicious Easter treats.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite recipes from top chefs around the web so you can save time prepping and more time enjoying the long weekend with the ones you love.

The Perfect Simnel Cake

The Perfect Simnel Cake

The Perfect Simnel Cake

This traditional Easter favourite is rich and fruity, similar to a Christmas cake. Less mainstream than its rival, the hot cross bun, the simnel cake is a forgotten gem that’s been around since medieval times. The recipe grew in popularity thanks to its ingredients; at the end of Lent people were free once again to enjoy butter, sugar and expensive indulgences like dried fruit.

The batter is lighter, and marzipan adds a touch of sweetness to the simnel cake that can rival any chocolate egg. If you’re looking for a traditional showstopper – this is it. Find the recipe on the Guardian.

Mini Vegan Doughnuts


Jamie Oliver’s Mini Vegan Doughnuts

Hot, crisp and sweet, Jamie Oliver’s mini vegan doughnuts are a delicious treat and with no eggs, butter or milk, are the perfect choice if you’re serving anyone who follows a vegan diet.

This recipe calls for a sweet jam filling, but you can put your own spin on the recipe by mixing and matching flavours to your heart’s delight – custard, chocolate, lemon curd and Nutella are just a few other flavours that would taste great. These are small enough to serve up to the little ones as well, and if there’s any real picky eaters in your household you could always leave a few aside without the filling.

Giant Chocolate Cornflake Nest

Giant Cornflake Nest

Giant Cornflake Nest

Chocolate cornflake cakes are a longstanding favourite with children and adults alike. Delicious, fast and simple, you can rustle this recipe together quickly and even invite the grandkids to help! When it’s done, top it off with a few chocolate eggs and you’ll have a treat that looks as good as it tastes. Find the recipe on Good Housekeeping.

Paul Holywood’s Ultimate Carrot Cake

Paul Holywood's Ultimate Carrot Cake

Paul Holywood’s Ultimate Carrot Cake

Moist, light and tasty, Paul Holywood’s ultimate carrot cake from Delicious Magazine is simple to make and a great alternative to the simnel cake – it offers similar flavours, but the delicate cream cheese frosting and the moist base help set it apart. The best part – even if you’re not a Star Baker you’ll be able to muster this fool-proof treat.

Easter Chocolate Cupcakes


Easter Chocolate Cupcakes

Easy to make and delicious to eat, these Easter chocolate cupcakes are a treat for all ages. They’re also easily made ahead – so you can save yourself some time on Easter Sunday!


What are your favourite Easter treats?

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