Easy New Year’s Eve Dinners

Make the last meal of 2014 one to remember with a thoughtful New Year’s Eve menu.

See out the year in style with a special dinner party menu for New Year’s Eve, whether you’re entertaining children, throwing a dinner party, or planning a buffet.

The Family Favourites

If you’re sharing a meal on New Year’s Eve with your loved ones, especially children, then think about a meal that includes food everyone will really enjoy or can adapt to suit themselves. Try:

  • Creamy tomato soup and garlic bread to start
  • Homemade pizza – make mini bases and prepare bowls of toppings, then let everyone decorate their own pizza as desired
  • Sticky barbeque chicken wings
  • Potato wedges – try baking sweet potato and white potato segments with a little oil, salt and smoked paprika

For dessert, serve vanilla ice cream with bowls of toppings for people to choose from, like chocolate sprinkles, fresh fruit and smashed meringue.

Make a fruity punch that the whole family will enjoy, and have a drink like this zingy bourbon cocktail ready for the grown-ups.

The Fancy Buffet

Buffets can be a great idea if you’re entertaining lots of people or don’t have enough room at your dining table. The key to a good but easy buffet is to avoid stodge and instead think creatively.

You could serve:

  • Camembert – bake it in the box with a sprinkle of thyme and salt, and serve hot and gooey
  • Fresh hummus – either make it yourself or opt for an upmarket supermarket variety, such as beetroot and garlic or spiced Moroccan hummus
  • Blinis – buy ready-made and top with smoked salmon and crème fraîche
  • Skewers – make a selection of skewers, like mozzarella, basil leaf and baby tomatoes, parma ham and melon, or king prawn and cooked chorizo. Serve with a garlic dip or chilli sauce
  • Cuts of meat – slices of chicken, ham, beef or prosciutto
  • Crusty French bread – cut up into little slices for dipping and spreading

You could keep the buffet theme going for your desserts, too, and serve sweet finger food like:

  • Brownie squares
  • Profiteroles
  • Mini pies – use a cupcake tray to make small pies with a seasonal taste, like cherry, apple or pecan pie. Buy ready rolled pastry to make them easier to cook.

Have a selection of drinks ready for guests at your buffet so they can select their favourite beverages as well as food.

The Elegant Dinner Party

If you want to entertain a smaller group of friends, then prepare a sophisticated selection of food to share at the dinner table.

Start with a course to whet the taste buds but not overfill, like seared scallops or a warm butternut squash salad.

Beef Wellington makes a perfect main for a New Year’s Eve dinner party – try this delicious Mini beef Wellington recipe from Jamie Oliver. Keep side dishes simple so they don’t conflict with the flavour of the main, and opt for plates like grilled asparagus, fresh peas, a green salad, or a small portion of mashed potato.

Finish your elegant New Year’s Eve meal with our delicious Chocolate & Raspberry Tart and pair your food with good wine and bubbly through the night.

The Traditional Dinner (with a twist)

If you like the idea of a more traditional New Year’s Eve dinner, then make it one to remember. Start the meal with a light and tasty festive soup, like roast butternut squash or spicy parsnip soup.

As turkey or chicken roasts are common on Christmas Day it can be a good idea to think of something different for New Year’s Eve. Instead of a bird, make this seasonal maple and mustard glazed ham recipe from Gordon Ramsay the star of the show. Serve with carrots, Brussels sprouts and luxurious potatoes Dauphinoise or roast new potatoes.

If you can fit a pudding in afterwards then try a fresh and tasty trifle. Invest in some good wine to enjoy through the evening, with spirits for the bells.

What would you like to eat on Hogmanay this year?

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