Passion fruit, lemon and ginger trifle

I have to say ‘trifle’ is one of my least favorite words in the culinary dictionary.  I wish someone would re-invent a name for a sponge based desert but put the name aside, and try out this simple little number.   The original recipe was by Nigella Lawson from her book and TV series Nigella Express, however I have modified it slightly….

Serves: 8-10


400-500g shop-bought sponge cake, usually 2 loaves (my preference is a Waitrose lemon and ginger loaf )
125ml Crabbies Green Ginger Wine
500ml double cream
4 teaspoons icing sugar
8 passionfruit


Break the sponge into pieces and arrange half of them in a shallow dish or cake stand with slight lip or upward curve at edge, then pour half the ginger wine over them.

Mound up the remaining half of sponge and pour the remaining ginger wine on top.

Whip the cream with the icing sugar until it is firm but not stiff; you want soft peaks.

Scoop the insides of 4 passionfruit into the bowl of cream and fold in before mounding the cream floppily over the soused sponge.

Scoop out the remaining 4 passionfruit onto the white pile of cream so that it is doused and dribbling with the black seeds and fragrant golden pulp.

Sometimes I add either blueberries or raspberries before piling on the cream to add a bit of colour and depth

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