Attention Denture Sufferers – Put the Smile Back on Your Face

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While a rise in oral healthcare and oral healthcare awareness has seen a significant decrease in tooth loss amongst older generations – the World Health Organisation now estimates that 70% of global 65-74 year olds still have all, or most, of their own teeth – it remains a sad fact that tooth loss is something many of us have to cope with in our later years. If you are not one of the lucky ones, what are your options for restoring missing teeth?

For many years, those of us suffering from tooth loss have looked to dentures to replace missing teeth. They are low-cost, affordable and easy to fit; seemingly the ideal solution for filling in the gaps. But as time goes on, denture wearers often find that these popular devices come with a whole host of difficulties – some of which can be very painful indeed.

The first problem many denture wearers come across is instability – dentures are inherently unstable and loose. Although fixatives can overcome this to some degree, they are by no means comfortable or reliable, particularly in the lower jaw. Throughout the day, dentures can often slip and move around. Not only can this be embarrassing for the wearer and cause difficulty when eating or drinking, it can also cause painful ulcers in the mouth.

One of the biggest problems with losing teeth is the gradual erosion of the jaw bones. Without roots, the bones in the jaw will decrease in height and width over time, causing major problems in keeping dentures stable and retentive.

Dentures also require a lot of maintenance. They must be frequently removed and cleaned to prevent infection, and over the years, they inevitably need replacing at intervals to keep up with the changing shape of your jaw bones.

These painful, costly and irritating issues are just some of the reasons many people are fast turning to dental implants to replace their dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, implant retained dentures can be fixed directly – and permanently – into the jaw bone, working in exactly the same way as natural teeth. Implant retained dentures are secure and stable, meaning no irritation or painful ulcers.

Implant options with regard to dentures and missing teeth can quite literally give you a new lease of life. With implant options, no foods are off limits. It is possible to eat, drink and socialise without any risk of discomfort of embarrassment.

Lastly, implants preserve the natural bones of the jaw and prevent the erosion noted when no teeth are present. This prevents that ‘sunken in’ look which is classic of people who have worn dentures for years. Implants can help us to restore the natural contours and profile of your face for a more youthful and natural appearance.

So why isn’t everyone opting for dental implants? The simple answer is: cost. Implants are a more costly option initially, however, this cost can be spread over several years using finance options and also, the long term cost of dentures is often similar to that of the cost of implants when you consider the cost of fixatives, cleaning products and replacements.

Also, it is impossible to put a price on quality of life, the restoration of your smile and the ability to eat and drink the foods you love. In terms of value for money, most denture wearers would consider this priceless.

Which would you choose? Low-cost and high maintenance or high-cost and low maintenance? Implants are worth that little extra money for a lot of extra comfort.

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