What can you do about cystitis after the menopause?

You may be surprised to be suffering repeated episodes of cystitis when you thought it was a young woman’s problem. You are not alone.

Cystitis and urinary tract infections are reported as the most common types of bacterial infection- causing between 1-3% of all doctor visits. Many sufferers develop long-term repeated episodes.

The frequency of infection increases markedly with age and many women suffer for the first time after the menopause. As we age there might be a number of physical changes that mean the usual cause of the infection- e.coli bacteria- may have more contact with the bladder wall. Once the bladder wall is damaged from infections then its more easy for the e.coli to adhere …. and the infection cycle continues.

How can you break the cycle?

  • Keeping healthy of course to fight off infections. As usual exercise and good nutrition!
  • Keeping weight down may help.
  • Keeping hydrated-plenty of liquids is essential to flush out toxins.
  • Good hygiene is imperative. Remember the good advice of ‘wiping front to back.’
  • Try Cysticlean® a natural preventative that stops the e coli adhering to the bladder wall so no infection can take hold.

Evidence suggests that substances known as proanthocyanidins (PAC), which are found in cranberries, may interfere with the adhesion of bacteria (particularly E. coli) to the walls of the urinary tract.

Cysticlean®240 PAC was specifically developed to help prevent cystitis recurrence and avoid long-term administration of antibiotics.

The high level of PAC, and high performing cranberry extract ensures that infection causing bacteria is stopped from adhering to the bladder wall. With 240mg of active ingredient,Cysticlean®240 PAC is up to 6 times the strength of other cranberry extracts. You would have to drink a lot of cranberry juice with its inconsistent level of PAC every day to achieve this – and the resultant sugar intake may encourage bacterial growth and weight gain.

Cysticlean®240 PAC is a natural product with a medical device license, and is suitable for diabetics, male UTI sufferers and children and it may be taken with antibiotics. It is not recommended for people taking blood thinning medication such as warfarin.

Cysticlean®240 PAC is backed by clinical studies proving it works. Urologists and other medical professionals are now backing it as a possible alternative to antibiotics.

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It is available over the counter from independent health stores, Revital, John Bell and Croyden and on-line at Victoria health or phone 0800 3898 195

Cysticlean®240 PAC 30 capsules, 1 months supply cost £24.99

Cysticlean®240 PAC 60 capsules, 2 months supply cost £39.99

Further information at or if you have queries please email [email protected]


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