Half of middle-aged men suffer from BPH

Prostate problems will affect around 50% of men by the time they reach 50, and almost 80% of men that reach 801.

Signs of an enlarged prostate (known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy or BPH) are:

  • A feeble urinary stream
  • Difficulty getting started when needing to urinate
  • Stopping and starting rather than a steady stream
  • Having to urinate frequently and urgently, often throughout the night
  • Feeling that you can’t empty your bladder completely

It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between the symptoms of BPH and the early signs and symptoms of prostate cancer, so early assessment – usually by an examination of the prostate gland and sometimes a simple blood test – is so important. Unfortunately, men can be slow at coming forward and will often think to get their car fixed long before they think about getting their own health assessed!

If you are dealing with the symptoms above, the first thing you need to do is see your doctor and have other serious conditions ruled out, and receive a confirmed diagnosis of BPH.

Treating BPH naturally

Having to get up numerous time throughout the night to visit the loo can be annoying for you and the person sharing your bed! Interrupted sleep can lead to a grumpy awakening in the morning, and perhaps your other half nagging you to get your enlarged prostate sorted! Luckily, it can be tackled naturally and successfully with Saw Palmetto, making all of those miserable symptoms unnecessary.

Organic herbal remedies company, A.Vogel, has a remedy for treating BPH called Prostasan. Prostasan Saw Palmetto capsules is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve urinary symptoms in men with confirmed diagnosis of an enlarged prostate (BPH), exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy. Prostasan contains an extract of Saw Palmetto berries, rich in hormone-balancing oils that help with the urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. It is the fat-soluble portion of Saw Palmetto that has the desired effect on prostate cells, and it exists naturally in an oily state in the berry of the Saw Palmetto plant. Therefore, it is the berry (rather than the leaf or root) of Saw Palmetto that is used to Prostasan.

When picking your Saw Palmetto remedy it is important to note that in order for it to have a beneficial effect on the prostate, the product must be made from Saw Palmetto berries. There are other Saw Palmetto products on the market but many of these contain only dried herb and no berry content.

Prostasan Saw Palmetto capsules are easy to take, with a once-a-day dose, and they can be used long-term. They can be taken alongside other prostate medication with your doctor’s approval, and will not interfere with blood tests for prostate cancer.

Prostasan Saw Palmetto capsules start at £14.99 and are available from Boots, Holland and Barrett and independent health food stores and pharmacies nationwide. For further information, visit or call their helpline on 0845 608 5858.

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